Mind Garbage

garbage in, garbage out

used to express the idea that in computing and other spheres, incorrect or poor quality input will always produce faulty output.

GIGO the result of an improperly stated math equation or incorrect program data input. Nonsensical input = Nonsensical output. Our minds work the same way. As long as we continue to feed our minds incorrect data, our output will remain, well, garbage.

After a month of serious introspect and contemplation gaining knowledge through reading and discussion, self denial, control and discipline, I have been changed. I’ve had a tune-up so to speak.

I find that I’ve lost the taste for “mind garbage”. We usually go about our lives in an unconscious way. We eat unhealthy food even when we are not that hungry, we listen to music which reminds us of our past and go down a sad memory lane, we put off important things like exercise, advancing our careers, keeping in touch with our families and we don’t even know why. We surf the internet or get into some chat room. Watch hours of sports or random channel surf on a beautiful sunny day.

What if today were the last day of your life? Would you be content to spend it consuming McDonald’s for the soul?

I came across a very complete to do list two days ago. It said simply this:

Sharpen the mind

Harden the body

Soften the heart

And be of service to others

Sharpen the mind. A thought becomes an intention, an intention becomes an action, actions repeated become your character. So it’s important to sharpen your mind to choose things that will improve your character instead of defame it.

Harden the body. Of course exercise to literally harden the body but also train the body to control itself from urges that could lead to problems or circumstances impossible to get out of.

Soften the heart. I thought this was a really odd phrase when I first heard it. What do you mean soften the heart? I searched for a bit and found pictures of children barely clothed huddled together in what looked like a storm drain crying. I wondered where their parents were and what terrible thing had put them in that storm drain. I also found pictures of the most beautiful natural landscapes and pictures of the universe. Maybe you have been fortunate enough to stand on a shoreline of an ocean and look out into its vastness. That feeling you get is softening your heart.

Be of service to others. Could be a simple thing like holding open a door or asking if an elderly person would like some assistance, giving a panting dog some water, volunteering your time, fund raising for a cause that means a lot to you. Maybe even taking the time to call a friend just to ask how they’re doing and listen.

A variation on the term, “garbage in, gospel out,” refers to a tendency to put unwarranted faith in the accuracy of computer-generated data. So you might think, “oh yea this input is going to make me…happy?” Well, not completely happy because we are all human after all. I don’t propose we put excessive trust in “computerized” data, and blindly accept what the computer says. What I do propose is to test the theory yourself. Be a guinea pig of contentedness. Study, ask questions, practice right actions, talk to people, read more blogs ;). Since the data entered into the computer is then processed by the computer, people who do not understand the processes in question, tend to believe the data they see. Work for understanding and the data will be a proof.

It’s so ridiculously, binarily simple. It will make you ridiculously, binarily happy.