Paint with Diamond and Create Your Own Masterpiece

The creation of paintings from rhinestones is becoming an increasingly popular type of handicraft. A simple and exciting process of diamond paintings allows you to create real works of art that can not only decorate the interior, but also become an excellent gift.

Pretty Neat Creative offers rhinestone painting kits on a wide variety of topics. All available mosaic sets for creating a picture are conveniently divided into categories. You can sort them by name, popularity or price. Based in Singapore, we also have several warehouses in China and US and offer the best delivery service all over the world.

Best diamond paintings which inspire you to create

The peculiarity of our sets of 5d diamond painting is that you do not have to spend time on the selection of topics, drawings, materials, in short, you do not have to do laborious and boring preparatory work. It is enough to decide on the motive you like, choose the corresponding rhinestone painting kit and place an order. The kit contains all materials necessary for creative work for diamond paintings and instruments — rhinestones of the right shades and forms (round, or square), canvas with adhesive layer, a setting tool, gum adhesive, drill tray and instructions.

Interesting technique

Diamond painting is a new kind of art requiring detail work, perseverance and time. The essence of this simple technique is as follows: the crystals, having the same size, are glued to the canvas. Decorated multicolored rhinestones form a beautiful picture, a real work of art.

The main condition of work is to be extremely attentive. It is necessary to accurately determine the desired color of rhinestones and carefully glue them to the surface of the canvas.

Works that look like real paintings

Drills have distinctive features. Convex rhinestones give the picture volume. In addition, the mosaic shimmers with a lively shine. Having the same size and shape, the drillss must be laid close to each other. The process is similar to embroidered cross stitch, when the stitches are executed according to a single scheme with multi-colored threads. In diamond painting, the name of which was invented due to the similarity with painting by numbers, drills of various shades are laid out. As a result, you can create luxurious works that look like real pictures.

The advantages of buying diamond painting kits in the Pretty Neat Creative online store

- an impressive range of diamond paintings includes paintings of different sizes and levels of complexity, 5d diamond paintings and much more. Everyone, regardless of experience and the degree of preparation, will find a suitable option for himself.

- user-friendly catalogue of products which includes such topics as realistic drawings of plants and animals, picturesque landscapes, images of people, famous reproductions.

- guarantee of the most affordable price for all rhinestone painting kits presented in our online store;

- a wide range of other products and kits for sewing, knitting, embroidery, crocheting, needle felting, metal cutting, painting by number, fashion, and much more.

Pretty Neat Creative is a place where you can get inspired and excited about Arts, Crafts and Sewing.

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