If Progressives Don’t Wake Up To How Awful Obama Was, Their Movement Will Fail
Caitlin Johnstone

Sadly, most folks wouldn’t know because of the mass censorship around Wikileaks + the brainwashing by MSM & colleges. When Wikileaks finally started gaining traction online during the political campaigns; social media & tech giants went on a mass censorship spree like we’ve never seen before. Twitter started unfollowing Wikileaks from Twitter accounts. This personally happened to me twice, along with my fiance, and many other people online confirmed this. Once #Wikileaks caught fire, they immediately tried to kill the hashtag by not allowing it to trend (despite the fact that it was blowing up worldwide). During this time, Youtube also unsubscribed me from channels spreading this content without my knowledge or consent. Again, tons of other people online confirmed this. Facebook censored my Wikileaks content from displaying in news feed with their algorithms. I tested with multiple friend accounts to confirm this. Also, someone I know who works for the military was specifically instructed not to read Wikileaks or they would lose their security clearance (years ago). Mass censorship is getting scary. I don’t know what’s scarier though…a misinformed public that questions nothing or a public that’s unable to accept hard evidence because of their cognitive dissonance. :/

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