If He’s the One:

He will tuck you in when it’s time for bed

He will never make you feel in competition

He will love all your flaws,

The way you never could

He will make you giggle over silly things

He will be able to tell your feelings

Just by your facial expression and body gestures

He will look at you like you are a piece of art

He will always want to work things out

No matter how tough things get

He will touch your body in a way of elegance, not lust

He will hurt when you hurt

He will never make you feel alone

Or worthless

He will kiss you repeatedly

As if he’ll never get to touch your soft,

Pink lips again

He will spoil you

Not materialistically

But through your soul

He will constantly remind you how much

He loves you

He will face temptation

But never let it overcome

The passionate love he has for you

If he is the one, never let him go

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