Hands Up, Don’t Shoot…The All too Familiar Struggle for Black Humanity
Black Lives Matter

Lamont Jones


I actually agree with this article. Black Lives matter was created to international activist movement, originating in the African-American community, that campaigns against violence and systemic. I think body cameras would for perfect for police officers. There has been an abundant amount of harsh crimes in the United States of American and due to the lack of cameras, and many innocent African Americans have been harassed and killed I think if police officers had cameras, America would be a safer place to live. Many African-Americans have been killed while in police custody, including Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Sandra Bland.

Next, this problem has made America a cruel place to lay our heads at night. I am disgusted with the police brutality that has been going on for years. We need to save lives in this lifetime and for the future! Anybody can be a police officer, but it takes a great individual to serve and protect the law. I am interested in this topic because I have seen several innocent African Americans die to the injustice of law enforcement. This topic hurt me when I found out that sometimes, police officers have lied on their reports. It is despicable for me to someone who innocently killed African Americans without a legitimate reason. Now I feel as if I cannot tell a good cop from a bad cop. Too many African Americans are dying for no reason; missing out on their futures due to the inconsistency of law enforcement officers. I am also interested because I have experienced police brutality from law enforcement. I need to know which cities and states have started using cameras on their police officers. I will need to know the laws and right of every American citizen. We need to improve our American justice system. I am talking to young adults, children, adults, and seniors.

After that, we need to improve the trust in law enforcement between citizens and officers. A Staten Island law officer was cleared of all charges after killing an innocent mantis question our judicial system to see if it is fair to all humans. He can no longer breathe no more. Eric Garner deserved a second chance in life but won’t never had the opportunity to do it anymore. You want me to trust a dangerous cop with my life when he has been murdering people for small petty crimes. They are letting the law enforcement officers getting away with murder. The police is breaking the law. I feel like when an officer has a badge, he can break the law in any way. The citizens of the community are supposed to be friendly do not frightened of the police. Parents are scared to send their child outside because they don’t want to get that phone call that their kid has been killed by the police. Communication need to improve between cops and citizens.

People lie but cameras do not. All of the proof is in the video. Three minutes of footage can keep somebody alive. The police have cameras in the dashboard but haven’t been able to succeed help serve justice in this time of crisis. Out of everything that has been happening in the media, I have been disgusted of how the court system is handling our law enforcement injustice. We deserve officers who will conduct justice every day. There has been many of accusations of police harassing citizens for no apparent reason. So this topic is a great argument for both sides at the end of the day. I am just concerned with the safety for everybody lives. So this article is very relevant to the essay “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” because MLK said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

Finally, this article can be read by anyone that is living right now or for future generations. I do not only want to say black lives matter. I want to say everyone’s lives matter. We all are one. I just want to see a safer community for the younger generation. This subject is important to me because it is relevant to my life. I truly value my life and I do not want to die due to police brutality. We live in a world where lives do matter! This subject is important because people keep dying to this inappropriate behavior. Michael Brown could have become a doctor or the President of the United States. Who are we to take somebody’s life if they are innocent? We live in a world with so much democracy and diversity, but where is the love. We should love each other. We just need justice!

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