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What equipment is necessary for Prevail Remote Sessions?

Are you ready to Prevail?

If you’re wondering about what equipment is necessary to engage in a remote session, these basic requirements will help ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Most issues we’ve seen users face when joining a Prevail session can be easily prevented by checking…

How Prevail Legal can help you save both time and money.

Perhaps you’ve been hearing about Prevail and how it can help modernize the legal space, but maybe you’ve been wondering exactly how it can help you.

Our goal has been to make Prevail everything you’ve been looking for in a testimony management platform — starting with the ability to conduct…

Prevail Legal aims to create superior tools across the legal technology spectrum

Prevail Legal may seem to have a significant focus on remote depositions, but ultimately it’s the testimony that’s the product. And the testimony isn’t limited to depositions — remote or otherwise.

That’s why the dedicated development team is constantly working towards providing solutions for a multitude of use cases —…

Are you fully prepared for the future of remote legal technology?

Legal professionals have come a long way over the past year when it comes to learning how to navigate in a remote environment. As a result, one thing has become very clear — there is both a right way and a wrong way to handle remote depositions.

Here are a…

Prevail Legal’s remote deposition platform has unique advantages

Those in the legal profession have turned to remote platforms such as Zoom, GotoMeeting, Webex, and Google Meet to conduct depositions and handle court proceedings, but the results have been mixed at best. …

Prevail Legal

We founded Prevail Legal because we know the value of time, and believe that when attorneys can focus more on taking better depositions, everyone benefits.

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