Reading a Book Takes Time—Deal With It
Erin Bartnett

I was exposed to the concept of serial reading in in the 90s and let me tell you that I always went for ‘completed’ works rather than the ‘ongoing’ ones. Then again, I’m not the most patient of readers and most often than not, I want to finish a book. Oh boy, you can simply imagine the High School version of me who was waiting for the rest of the class to finish a chapter of a required reading when I could already discuss the entire novel.

I wholeheartedly agree that reading does take time. People simply have different reading patterns and frustration often comes in when we try to fit someone else’s reading mold. Setting a target, say read 50 books a year, is what works for me. I recommended reading a book once a month to a friend and somehow he found it more practical.

Reading is a pleasurable experience for me, whether I do it at the comforts of my home with a steaming mug of coffee and great music or while taking a train or bus. There are so many books published…more than we can actually read but there are only few books worth our time so it all boils down to how we choose actually.