The Ultraleaders manifesto

Every day thousands and thousands of books worth of material is added to blogs on the Internet. Hundreds of hours of video and audio podcasts are published for people to listen to and watch on everything from how to train a dog to how to change the world. Even on the topic of leadership just googling ‘leadership blog’ brings a long list of results including one post which claims to list the top 100 leadership blogs on the Internet. Top 100 blogs! So why on earth start a blog on the topic now? What on earth could I possibly add to the encyclopaedia of information already available on the Internet on the subject? Trust me this is something I’ve asked myself over and over again.

The simple fact is, the common factor in every great team I’ve been involved with has been leadership. By a great team I don’t just mean a team that has a good time but one that generates sustainable results for a business or organisation and does great things for the community in which it operates within.

Leadership is not an easy path to choose. Despite what people may write about being authentic and being yourself there are days where this is excruciatingly difficult. Supporting people to work together can be one of the most rewarding part of the leaders job however it can also be one of the most challenging, occasionally it does really feel like you need to bang some heads together.

Like many people when considering how to solve a problem in life I often turn to the Internet, searching for the answers or least some guidance or a way forward. I have found over and over again on the subject of the leadership entire libraries of material on Why, why it is important to engage people, why it is important to walk the talk, why it is important to set consistent objectives. What I don’t find so much of is the how, how do you actually take action to engage people, how do you actually consistently walk the talk every single day and how do you actually set a consistent set of objectives over what can be anything from small dispersed teams to huge organisations with thousands of people.

This is where Ultraleaders comes in. As we build this site you will find more and more advice that has actually been implemented in the real world and shown to demonstrate real improvements. Don’t get me wrong, Why is important, essential in fact. But it’s worthless without action. We want to help you bring your own brand of leadership to the world, we want to help you become an Ultraleader.

Originally published at on June 6, 2016.

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