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Historical Facts

1) Jews ruled Holy Land since c. 1250 BCE until 587 BCE -totally 840 years

In the Persian Empire, the Persian province of Judea was governed for 200 years by Jews.

The Hasmonean Kingdom lasted for 103 years

Herod the_Great and Herod’s descendants, (Agrippa I (41–44), and Agrippa II (48–100)) ruled from 37 BCE until 100–137 years totally.

Israel ruled lasted 67 years

Totally, Jews ruled the Holy Land for about 1400 years, and had population and inhabitants totally for around 3,000 years.

2) Arabs ruled in Palestine 22 years only.

3) Islam is a religion, not a nation or an ethnicity. There is nothing common between Ottoman Turks, Persians, Kurdish rulers of Muslim Empire, Mamluks, and Arabs pretending to be “Palestinians”. Thus, Muslim rulers of Holy Land weren’t Arab rulers.

4) Jews (Hebrews) were one of the Canaanite tribes. Hebrew language belongs to the Canaanite subfamily of Semite languages -Hebrew, Phoenician, Ammonite, Punic, Moabite, Edomite, which are indigenous in this region.There is nearly no difference between Canaanite languages, particularly between Hebrew, Ammonite, Moabite and Edomite. The difference between ancient Hebrews and other Canaanites was mostly religious, not linguistical — monotheism against paganism.

5) Arabic language belongs to the Central subfamily of Semite languages, which is indigenous in Central Arabia, not in Holy Land (Canaan). Arabs are there invaders and migrants.

6) There exists no document prior 1964 referred to Arabic speakers “Palestinians”

7) There is a lot of referrences (prior 1948) to Jews and Jewish establishments in Holy Land as Palestinian(s).

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