App Design for KoinStreet — A Case Study

The Client

A young start up company located in the Washington D.C. area, KoinStreet aims to create a platform that engages consumers of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with real-time learning through “copy trade”, reward based social engagement and real-time industry news from leading social media platforms.

Design Objective

Our focus was to design an app centered around social engagement for learnability and reward based social contributions. We were also asked to create a simple, instinctive, and memorable experience. Allow users to easily understand the product, buy into the product and synthesize insights based on their company.

A closer look into website research and development for accessibility

Loro: A Smart Companion Robot

Timeline: Two Weeks

Tools: Sketch, Principle and InVision

Joelle Price: (Visual design lead, Website development, Scrum Master, Data Analyst, User Research, Usability testing, UX strategy)

Introduction & Background

A team from Harvard’s Innovation Lab created Loro, “a smart companion robot for a wheelchair user”. Loro is a startup company that is currently at Halcyon Incubator in DC and was created by students at Harvard. The team was inspired by their friend Steve who was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or ALS. …

The Link Between Residents & DC Government

Revamping community engagement with DC311.


With 700,000 + residents in Washington DC and over 14,700,000 + people living in DC, Maryland and Virginia combined, the DC311 call center is likely to be inundated as the population of people who live, work and play in the city grows. Creating an online platform that allows people to resolve non-emergency complaints and gain access to services’ that are available to them is key. Citizen engagement platforms like DC’s 311 service is essential for linking DC government to it’s residents. …

Empowering musicians through social engagement and community support.

“I got 16 to 32 bars to rock it, but only 15 percent of profits ever see my pocket.” — Hip-hop song: “Mathematics” Rapper: Yasiin Bey AKA Mos Def

The Challenge:

A Washington DC based music production company: Raytown Productions is interested in creating a robust online “tool that speaks to the needs of users. Whether it’s a collaboration, community engagement, brand building, gamification or a marketplace, the app features should be true to the needs of potential users.”

Key Deliverables:



Why UX/UI? Truthfully, everything I have been doing in my professional career has in one way or another been under the umbrella of UX/UI. I just didn’t have one precise name to categorize it under. As I grow in my career, the more I realize that I want my goals, dreams and values to align with my professional pursuits as an evolving artist. I believe that UX/UI is the field of study that I have been searching for.

I am a creative, detail oriented artist, fashion designer, graphic designer, editor, digital marketing strategist and photo editor based in the Washington…

Joelle Price

UX/UI Designer & Multidisciplinary Artist

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