Aug 22:

Achilles seems to be very concerned with getting respect from Agamemnon and getting Chyrseis back to her father. He seems to be concerned with status as well.

Agamemnon seems to be very concerned with keeping Chyrseis in his position and not looking weak willed so he only agrees to give her back if he gets Achilles girl. The passage where Agamemnon speaks, “Still I am willing to give her back…find me some prize that shall be my own.” Meaning he would give her back but only under certain conditions.

Achilles looks at his self as a someone they can’t go without in the war. He looks at himself as the best chance the Achaians have at beating the Trojans. he states “ When the Achaians some well founded citadel of the Trojans, do I have a prize that is equal to your prize.” I took that to mean that he’’s like yeah when you loose this war then you are gonna wish you showed more respect for me.

Agamemnon looks at his self as a King. He has much pride that comes with him being the King. He values power and his rank and he believes he should be dominant.

Aug 24:

Photo 1:

A photo called, “The Kiss” by Auguste Rodin.

It speaks to the power of love by displaying a common form of affection between humans…kissing. However, this is not portrayed as a simple and small kiss, this is more of a passionate kiss. When you involve passion, the concept of love tends to amplify.The nature of love it possess is affection and passion between two humans, such as a relationship type of love. Love has power over and conquers everything in my opinion but in this picture, I would say emotions. Its as if in that moment all they think of is each other.

Photo 2:

A photo called, “Probably Milanese.”

It speaks to the power of love through admiration. In the photo the child who is half human, half animal is looking up at the human and admiring him and what he is capable of and what he holds in his hand. The nature of love it possess is admiration. When a someone admires someone else there’s a trace of love, either for that person or what they do. There’s a since of, the are trying to be like that person. Love has power over and conquers actions and thoughts.

Photo 3:

A photo called, “Claude Monet.”

It speaks to the power of love by the mother or lady starring at the baby with hopes that she can protect the baby from all things danger. The nature of love it possess is unconditional. She looks at the baby in a way where she’s leaning over making sure everything is okay. Love has power over and conquers emotions and priority. That child is her priority.

Aug 29:

My understanding of the word hero is someone who makes an impossible situation possible. Also someone who turns a terrible situation better for someone without an incentive. However, in the book it seems as though a hero is someone who kills another that the Gods didn’t like. Heroes normally save someone from danger or a terrible situation. They save a person’s life. They tend to make a way out of no way. To me heroes look like human beings. They look like average people, such as a fireman. In the cinematic world, heroes still look like humans but wear capes and tight outfits with masks. Heroes value the essence of saving a person’s life. No, a poem has not been written about my hero because my heroes are my family members and not fictional characters or famous people.

In book five I disagree with Diomedes actions, he let Athene control him and started killing people sporadically like a beast and he killed the God of war. Plus he was getting help from Athene that’s not hero like. Heroes may have a side kick but they aren’t being controlled to do someone else’s dirty work.

Hour 1 8/23/17: I read book one of the Iliad and I was lost in the beginning, I felt it just dived right in so it took me a minute to catch on to what the story was. That’s because it started off in like the middle of a story being told. I started to get acquainted with the characters that are in the book such as Nestor, Paris, Aphrodite many of the names I see often.

Hour 2 8/23/17: I continued reading book one and at this point I am catching on to the story more but it’s hard to remember much of the details I read before. I think it’s really scary how Apollo created an outbreak for the plague. That is some scary stuff. You can just create an outbreak for the plague for 9 days making everyone sick with diseases. Everything has a backstory and a purpose for something.

Hour 3 8/24/17: I started book 2 and I feel as though I’m drowning in words and I realized “Jove” means “Zeus” now. I think it’s interesting how a King is sending people to war and risking lives because he had a dream. It would seem to me that Agamemnon is not fit to be king. It seems as though he has no reason or logic for why he got his troops up to fight a battle other than a dream. Then he tested them to see if they were loyal by telling them to go home and seeing their reaction. Any person who was in the army would want to go home instead of going to war. I would be happy to go home as well. I feel like that wasn’t a good way to test people’s loyalty and I feel as though he was playing mind games with his soldiers. I’m also trying to figure out, if Zeus had a crush on Thetis and the only reason he didn’t get with her was because of the fact he didn’t want his kid to be more powerful than him, it sounds like Hera is a second choice. I’m not sure if she’s mad at Thetis for that or no but it sounds like her anger needs to be more focused on Zeus because he’s the one that messed that situation up. Although I do understand where he comes from but it’s a little tricky as well. Normally people want their kids to be better than them. However, knowing the Gods the kid will turn around and try to attack the parents the minute they don’t like something. I wouldn’t want my kid to try to attack me knowing they are much stronger than me.

Hour 4 8/25/17 : I am continuing reading Book 2, It’s extremely long and I am finding myself getting lost in the story. I ended up on book 3 now. One of the character that I am particularly fond of in the book is Kalchas, Kalchas is known as the soothsayer. I just think it’s funny how Kalchas takes the bad wording or pessimistic wording of something and make it sound like it’s not really that bad. It made me laugh when Odesseus made a speech to the Achaians and they were looking at him like this doesn’t sound too god and I don’t know if I’m down for what all he’s talking about. Then Kalchas gets us there and translates his speech to something more soothng that didn’t sound as terrible and everyone’s like OOOOOOOh okay now that’s aa statement I can work with. I also thought is was interesting that the snake eating those 9 egg like things meant war for 9 days, what if it was 8 eggs or 7 eggs, the war could be a lot shorter.

Hour 5 8/26/17: I am still reading book 3 with a more fresh and focused mind. I find the story quite interesting. I finished with the beginning of book 4. I just want to know why can’t the God’s create another woman who is just as beautiful as Helen so there’s less fighting? Why can’t Helen choose where she goes? She shouldn’t have to be forced to be with either Paris or Meneleaous. The guys are literally fighting during a war over her, I fel she should be the deciding factor in resolving the fight by picking who she wants to be with which is clearly Meneleos.

Hour 6 8/26/17: I looked over the questions to review my thoughts from book 1–4. It helped bring parts of the story I forgot into focus.I finished book four, still getting lost in the words, however some things caught my attention. Why wasn’t Agamemnon concentrating more on the fight instead of walking around to the back of the army and criticizing people for not doing something or not doing something to the extent he thinks they should be doing something.

Hour 7 8/27/17: I am on to book 5. As I was reading book 5, I was interested in understanding how a whole war could just stop on sight and everyone sits down while only two people fight over an issue that had nothing to do with why this war started. From what I read, the war started because Achilles wanted to prove that the Achainan army couldn’t win without him. Then they are being egged on to fight because Hera doesn’t like the Trojans. Now both trained army’s are just sitting down watching two people fight. I thought it was really crazy though, how Paris was trying to fight “man to man” sort of speak but then Aphrodite helps him out and takes him out of the war to put him in his bed. That would make hime look weak in my opinion and he automatically lost so now he has to give up Helen but he still will not want to so the problem is still not resoled.

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