Aug 31.

Hector’s relationship with Andromache seems to be filled more with love than anything else. I can’t seem to understand if he is fighting the war for himself or his family though. He mentions fate so if he dies then it was meant to be. To me it seemed like he was okay with that though, it didn’t seem like when most husbands go off to war and they seem unwilling and if they had a chance they would just be with their family. He was more so like this is what I’m doing and “it is what it is.” However, he did hold his baby in his arms before he left. From what I remember about Achilles and Briseis relationship he loved her enough to become angered at the thought of giving her up and his first instinct reaction was to protect her, however after making a deal it seemed to be as if he let her go pretty easily. Achilles situation compared to Hector’s is different but it didn’t seem as though Hector would give Andromache up easily. The difference between Paris’ and Helen’s relationship compared to Hector and Andromache is that Helen doesn’t want to be with Paris. She doesn’t even want to see paris, she doesn’t want anything to do with Paris. She is with Paris against her will. She was happy with Menelaus before Aphrodite came through to mess things up. Therefore, she doesn’t care if Paris looses in battle as long as Menelaus wins. Andromache has a different mindset for Hector. Hector is all she has besides her child, she actually wants Hector to not fight so he doesn’t die, she doesn’t want that to be his fate. As far as comparing his the relationship to Menelaus and Agamemnon I would say it’s more so genuine love and care. For instance, we noticed a soft spot with Agamemnon when his brother was hurt, as he rushed over there to see what his wounds were in battle. I believe it’s the same with Hector and Andromache, they have a soft spot for each other.

A list of 5 things the Gods have done to influence the events of the Iliad:

Let’s start with Aphrodite, who just randomly offers up other people’s wives without their consent to when a contest to see who is the most fairest of them all when the word is Helen is the prettiest of everyone anyway. I know it’s a woman thing but I feel as though Athena should not be concerned about how she looks when she is the goddess of war. Her focus should be on her amazing fighting skills, that’s more of a promotion of “girl power.” Then the contest is not even real because Paris picks them on what they give him so it’s not even about their looks. However, because Aphrodite is picked and Helen is ripped out of her home now many people are mad and Menelaus wants to hurt Paris.

Although if you really want to go from the beginning it’s Eris, the goddess of discord who started the feud with the goddesses. She couldn’t have just crashed the wedding with her presence, nope she had to leave her foot mark by throwing that apple in the game, getting the Goddesses all riled up. I would think for Athena to be the Goddess of war, she has to be not only powerful but strategic and smart about how she plays the game, therefore, you would think she would be smart enough not to fall for some beauty contest.

Now we have Zeus, who got the Agamemnon to start an uproar within the Achaian army by getting them prepared for war because of some dream he sent them. Now this will destroy many people’s lives all to get Agamemnon to realize how special Achilles was. Which at this point I don’t feel is working when you have Athena always coming in to help the war.

Next, there’s Hera, who couldn’t let the war not be. She was mad at the Trojans so she made sure there would be a war and gave Zeus a list of her favorite cities to destroy which I’m sure if he acts on that, that’s a whole different story. Therefore, lives began to become in danger again. However, the Gods and Goddesses work in a way like if their team is loosing they manipulate it to help them win. They send in secret weapons and such an that’s not fair. If one of the God’s family or favorite is wounded they spare him and maneuver in the war in a way to keep them alive.

Athena is definitely used as a secret weapon in the war. How do you just keep coming down and using your powers to help the Achians win. If I could go into the television and help my favorite basketball team out so they could win the game, I would. However, I can’t and she should not be allowed either. Just sit and watch what’s going on. She has Diomedes under a spell acting like a beast by killing mortals and Gods.

Sept 5.

Odysseus, Phoenix, and Ajax make persuade Achilles to return to battle by stating all the treasures Agamemnon was going to give him such as his girl back, cities to rule etc. but Achilles wasn’t phased because he said no treasure is worth his life. He didn’t want his mothers prophecy to come true. I believe those objections are real but he also has the motive of wanting the Achaians to be badly injured and badly hurt as in to pay for what Agamemnon said to him. I do agree with his reasons for refusing to accept the offer of Agamemnon and to return to battle because he’s concerned about his life, however, I believe he should’ve thought of that before he prayed to Zeus to start that war killing many lives.

Hour 1 9/3/17:

As we talk about the book in class it clears up much of the confusion for me. However, was I was reading book 6 I did have a few questions. Why did Menelaos let Agamemnon make him kill Adrestos. You are a warrior and a soldier you must have skills and discipline and Menelaos is acting like he’s a kid that has to prove something such as little boys do when they want to show they are not scared or they are a man. You are already in a war, there should be no need to have to prove yourself and it’s so funny how they are both brothers because they both can be easily manipulated just as Zeus manipulated Agamemnon to start a war similar to Agamemnon manipulating Menelaos’ mind. Also why is Nestor again in the middle of the war trying to talk to people. Talking is something you are supposed to do before a fight, it’s supposed to prevent fights. You don’t talk in the middle of it. I hope he’s not close to the front lines with all that wisdom he’s trying to spread. Also why did the fight location have to move to Troys gates. And why was it suggested for ladies to go bow to Athena to protect them from Diomedes. She created Diomedes rage for a reason so I feel as though the ladies are wasting their time. When I found out Zeus had a fling, I was shocked. He was quick not to touch Thetis but now he’s having affairs with other people. Then I was trying to understand why they have keep having all these kids and I realized because the Gods had no such thing as protection or contraception. Also I’m glad Bellerophantes ended up having a good ending because that wasn’t right for him to be lied on and mistreated. Through that whole story the only relation Glaukos had to Diomedes was his grandfather hosted him at his house.

Hour 2 9/3/17: As I continue reading Book 6 I feel as though this guest- friendship business is closer than child hood friends or blood relatives themselves.I also want to know, who has time to take off their gear n the middle of a war to trade it.All Hector’s mom wants him to do is relax but all he wants to do is fight and deal with the war. At least he is close with his wife and child. I wonder if Hector’s son nickname is foreshadowing for the future since he is known as Lord of the City. I feel as though Hector should ignore the warriors code and stay with his family and why did Achilleus kill of Andromache’s family? It’s crazy how Andromache started mourning for Hector before he died because she already knew what was going to happen.

Hour 3 9/4/17: I’m on to book 7 and I feel as though the GOds are really the ones controlling the fight since Apollo and Athena agreed to end the fight for the day just because it was getting dark. When Aias was battling Hector it seemed to me like Aias was the one winning. I also wondered why the fight was stopped by the Trojan and Achaian warrior until I realized the Gods were doing that thing where they were sparing their favorites again.

Hour 4 9/4/17: Continue reading book 7 it was interesting how the bureil procedures were and how they had to get all the dead bodies and present them with a proper burial in the Earth.I’m interested to know how the procedure goes with the burning of the bodies. Do they just pile them all together and light them on fire? Then they go back to this Helen business, I wish they would just give her up already. I’m glad Agamemnon made a truce with the Trojans out pf respect for their fallen soldiers instead of doing something crazy creating more vengeance and more war.

Hour 5 9/5/17: I am now on to Book 8 as I am reading I am happy that Zeus has decided to keep the Gods from meddling in the war anymore but it also doesn’t help when he is in control of their fates. I also took the answers to the questions that for Aug 31 assignment that I wrote on my paper and switched them to the Medium Digest.

Hour 6 9/5/17: Continuing reading Book 8 I just have one thing to say and its about Diomedes. I may be mistaken but helping Nestor while Zeus is shooting these lighting bolts is about he nicest thing I seen him do since he was cursed by Athena. That makes me happy because in war you don’t fight for yourself but for the person standing next to you and I really think Diomedes embodied those rules at the time.

Hour 7 9/5/17: Continuing to read book 8 I feel as though Hector is getting beside himself. He could walk away in one piece and go back to his family because the Trojans were basically winning but he wants to taunt Diomedes and burn the Achaians ships and it’s so funny to me when the Hera can’t use anymore secret weapons like Athena and the Poseidon she speaks to the warrior to provide encouragement. It’s surprising how a little hope will lift the spirits of many.

Hour 8 9/5/17: Continuing reading book 8 it seems that Zeus is a little mean to Hera, he cheats on her and mocks her and Hector has his troops on night watch so won’t they be tired in the morning.

Hour 9 9/6/17: I have started book 9 I am so happy they finally went to get Achilles so maybe this war thing can end because that’s the only reason Zeus did it in the first place. Then on top of that they are going to give him treasure, like his girl back thank goodness! I would assume Achilles would be happy to realized his prayers have been answered.

Hour 10 9/6/17: after continuing reading the book I realized Achilles is doing the most and I can’t believe he doesn’t want to fight with them again and if Phoenix was in the house with Peleus doesn’t that make Achilles guest friends with Phoenix? I also wrote the the answers for the Sept 5. questions on medium digest.

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