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3 min readJun 24, 2020

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A few days ago we launched an image search for AliExpress goods. Every product page on our website contains big red button “Find other sellers by image”.

To find the item you’re looking for, you can either insert the AliExpress item page address (as or enter keywords in any of our search fields.

Search by image for AliExpress goods by Pricearchive
Search by image for AliExpress goods by Pricearchive

Here are three examples to help you understand the capabilities of our AliExpress image search: — watches — lady’s blouse — over 900 almost identical sweatshirts

The advantages of our image search.

  1. Finding the lowest price: It is common for different sellers to resell or produce identical products. There can be various reasons why prices vary between sellers. With our image search, you have the opportunity to find the seller offering the lowest price for the same product in just one click.
  2. Extensive product database: We have a vast collection of images, numbering not just in the millions, but much more.
  3. Comprehensive seller search: Our primary goal is to find all sellers offering a particular item. We not only identify sellers with identical products but also those with similar goods. Images of similar items are presented in a separate section.
  4. Searching multiple images at once: Typically, there are six product images available. On the search results page, you’ll find a blue link that enables you to search for all images simultaneously.
  5. Access to price change history: Each product comes with a history of price changes. Simply click on the appropriate button to gain better insights into pricing trends.
  6. Viewing prices in various currencies: We currently support 19 different currencies, in addition to USD.
  7. Sorting by price: You can conveniently sort the search results based on price.
  8. No need for apps or extensions: Our image search is accessible on any browser and device, eliminating the need for installation.
  9. Furthermore, our service is absolutely free to use.

Current limitations (June 2020): As we launched our image search for AliExpress goods only a few days ago, there may still be some bugs. We are aware of these issues and actively working on fixing them. Some products that are slightly different may appear among similar items, but we are addressing this to enhance search accuracy. Additionally, the display of search results may not be optimal on all devices.

In the near future, we have several exciting developments planned:

1. Expanding the product database significantly, by approximately 70%.

2. Displaying delivery prices and the number of purchased goods.

3. Removing products from the database that are no longer available for sale.

4. Enhancing search speed threefold or more.

5. Further improving the search results, surpassing the performance of other services.

6. Adding a link button to our browser extension for easy access.

Our image search works seamlessly on desktop computers and is also compatible with mobile phones, although viewing hundreds or thousands of identical items on a small screen may pose some challenges.

We welcome your feedback on how we can further improve our services. For additional information, please refer to the provided resources. Feel free to share the link on your preferred platform. — AliExpress price tracker. Now with image search for AliExpress goods. It is a link to our website.

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