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A few days ago we launched an image search for AliExpress goods. Every product page on our website contains big red button “Find other sellers by image”.

To find item you need, insert the AliExpress item page address here or in our any Search field (as or enter the key words.

Search by image for AliExpress goods by Pricearchive

Here are three examples so you can understand what we can find and show you with our AliExpress image search. — watches — lady’s blouse

This page contains about 900 almost identical sweatshirts —

The advantages of our image search.

  1. There are very frequent cases when other sellers resell someone’s product or produce their identical. There can also be a lot of reasons why prices differ between sellers. It is possible that the same seller creates several accounts at AliExpress and thus tries to find out the best price for his goods at which people agree to buy. With our image search you have the opportunity to find the seller with the lowest price for the same product in 1 click.
  2. Very large base of goods. This is not one or even ten million images. A lot more.
  3. Our main goal is to find all sellers of some item. We try to find not only these sellers with identical items but also sellers of similar goods. Images of similar goods are in a separate section.
  4. It is possible to search on all product images at once. Usually there are six. On the page with the search results, there is a blue link that allows you to search for all images at once.
  5. A history of price changes is available for each product. You need to click on the appropriate button. This allows you to better navigate the prices.
  6. View prices in various currencies. There are currently 19 different currencies available + price in USD.
  7. Sort by price.
  8. No need to install apps or extensions. The image search is available in any browser and on any devices.
  9. The service is absolutely free.

Current flaws (June 2020). We launched our search by image for AliExpress goods only a few days ago, so there may still be some bugs. We know about them and are already fixing them.

  1. Sometimes only slightly different products should be shown a little higher in the search results and not among similar items. If you find such a product, just add it to the search results from similar items section by clicking on the appropriate button.
  2. Not on all devices, search results look beautiful in design.
  3. There may be other flaws that we have not yet discovered.
  4. Sometimes a search by image takes a little longer than you and we would like.

In the near future:

  1. We will expand the base for searching goods even more significantly. Already, we have a very large database of images, but it will become even larger by about 70%.
  2. Probably, we will show the delivery price and the number of purchased goods.
  3. We will start to remove products from the database that are no longer on sale.
  4. We’ll speed up the search three or more times.
  5. The results will be even better although now they are better than several other services known to us.
  6. We will add a link button to our browser extension. After clicking on this button, the corresponding page will open.

Our image search is great for desktops. If you have a mobile phone, of course you can use it too. The only difficulty is that sometimes we find several hundred or even one thousand identical items. On a small screen, it can be difficult to see them all.

Please let us know if there is anything we can improve!

You can find more information on this resources. It may be convenient for you to share the link on a particular platform. — AliExpress price tracker. Now with image search for AliExpress goods. It is a link to our website.

Our browser extension for Google Chrome — AliExpress price tracker.

AliExpress picture search — our post on Facebook.

Post on Facebook about our AliExpress price tracker.

AliExpress Price Tracker from Pricearchive - our post on Medium.



Is the only price tracker for AliExpress with data starting in 2016. We are developing a website and a browser extension with useful features.

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Is the only price tracker for AliExpress with data starting in 2016. We are developing a website and a browser extension with useful features.