Evolution of UK Broadband Market: Studies and Stats!

Statistics suggest that the UK broadband market has evolved over the years and a much higher number of people are choosing high speed broadband services. From 83% people using superfast broadband with 29Mbit/s speed in 2015 to 89% in 2016, it is a steady growth curve.

Apart from businesses, households are also using superfast speed as it was recorded that average households are consuming 132 GB data on monthly basis in 2016 which is a big jump from 97 GB in 2015. Still 1.4 million premises are unable to get broadband with speed 10Mbit/s or more.

This technological wave will go forward as around 10 million more connections are expected by 2020. With such remarkable progress, the UK broadband market which is infamous for poor speeds and low network capability has finally picked up towards a progressive future!

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