Do you love hashtags? #happydog, #thingskidssay and #crazycat are some tags I love to look at on Twitter and Instagram. How does using hashtags for your most desired products and services sound? If you’d like to sell, buy, or post deals with awesome hashtags, then Priceposts is for you. Whether it is #gardentools or #photography, Priceposts has something you want. You can now post your items and services with hashtags, so buyers can search for their favorite things. Not only is it for today’s producers and consumers, it’s a snap to use!

Right next to enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, creating a listing on Priceposts is the easiest thing you’ll do all day. As a matter of fact, I do it while I’m drinking coffee. You take a few pictures of the item you are selling (or upload them from your gallery), then decide on your price. Finally, create the description, using descriptive hashtags, and press save!

As a buyer, you can search on tags like #fitness or #personaltraining if you have some fitness goals to crush, or #hairstyling if you have a special date to get ready for. You can search posts local to you, or check out cool cats from further away. Many Priceposts sellers are willing to ship their items, so don’t be afraid to ask. There is a comment section right beneath each item’s description. Use it to ask the seller any questions you have.

Priceposts was created to connect people who see the world your way. It draws you together using hashtags, the new shorthand for ideas and experiences. You’ll find small business owners on Priceposts as well, because it’s the future of the mobile app marketplace. Check it out if you’re selling or hunting for deals today @ Happy posting!