Everything you need to plan your next spring break vacation.

Pencils down. Spring break is now in session.

Most people look forward to their spring break adventures to recharge for the rest of the semester, but not all destinations are created equal. If you’ve found yourself conspicuously absent from your friends spring break travel posts, here are a couple things to think about when planning for your own spring break next time around. Whether you’re looking to party, immerse yourself in a culture, or simply escape your regular life for a few days, these options have everything you could ever need in a week long reprieve.

You’re looking for: Sun & Sand

When the opportunity to ditch the dismal winter weather presents itself, a tropical spot is pretty hard to pass up. It’s the main reason why places like Mexico make for amazing, and affordable, spring break hotspots. Cancun, Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta have killer rates on all inclusive packages, which makes sense why they’re frequented by party-seeking 20 somethings. The weather’s devine, the time is set to “beach o’clock”, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be travelling with some like-minded spring breakers too.

#NoFilter (seriously)

That said, just because you’re looking for some stellar beaches with other people your age doesn’t mean you’re into the party-till-dawn lifestyle, so if you want the weather without all the traffic, check out Tulum. It sits on the Caribbean coast of Mexico so you get some amazing views akin to those of Jamaica, there’s some amazing Mayan ruins a stone’s throw from most resorts, and what might be the most amazing beaches…ever. All this and more, with the affordability and travel ease Mexico is known for.

You’re looking for: Adventure & Excitement

Just a quick paddle to start your day off right.

If you’re more interested in thrill seeking expeditions than cooking away on the beach, say hello to Lake Tahoe. It’s the largest alpine lake in North America with that amazing Californian weather, which means water sports and activities are all the rage. Kayaking, boat tours, paddleboarding, you name it; this place has all everything you need to satisfy the adrenaline junkies out there. As an added bonus, the visitor rates really pick up during the summer months; this means a quick spring break getaway just as the seasons are changing means less crowds, and more money in your pocket.

You’re looking for: Culture & History

Unfortunately this place isn’t listed on Air BnB

When you’re trying to pack as much culture as possible into a relatively short trip, it’s pretty hard to justify spending 2 days on the commute alone. While destinations like Thailand, India, and Europe are all teeming with culture and history, jetlag and 8–12 hour flights knock your 7 day trip down to 3 real quick. To make sure you get the most out of your time while satisfying your desire to learn, there are actually some pretty amazing options much closer to home.

Views from the 514

Often dubbed the “poor man’s Europe”, Montreal, Quebec in Canada is the next best thing to France if you can’t make it across the pond. Montreal has some amazingly rich history, and if you’re a big architecture buff, you’ll be loving the historic cathedrals and museums too. If nothing else, spending your break in the largest French-speaking city in North America is certainly enough to prompt a culture shift. Oh, and make sure you try the poutine, too.

You’re looking for: Wildlife & Scenery

Hang in there kid, this could be you too.

If you’re not opposed to roughin’ it a little, you’ll want to seriously check out the amazing selection of national parks and wildlife reserves in North America. While most of these places don’t have the flashy accommodations all inclusives often sport, waking up to a view like the one pictured above is hard to beat. Hotels can be pretty pricey around parks like Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Sequoia, so camping is really your best option to get the biggest bang out of your buck. Parks don’t see the same volume of party-hardy coeds, so if you’re looking for some quality time to get back to your roots and connect with nature, you’ve come to the right place.

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