How to Make Your Holiday Shopping a Little Easier

The Holiday’s Are Coming

Don’t let this be you.

1)The go-to tip that never gets old: shop early! The earlier you get your shopping done, the less stressful and costly it is for you and your bank account. There’s nothing worse than realizing you’re the only one in your family who has yet to buy any presents a few days before the big exchange. No one enjoys receiving a keychain with their name on it from the closest 7/11. Don’t be that person. Windshield wiper fluid doesn’t exactly say “thinking of you” either.

2)Map out your list online before you head into the craziness that is the mall during the holiday season. Do your homework and see if you can pinpoint where you need to go for each person you’re buying for this holiday. You won’t over do it on gifts if you know where to go and what to buy, plus it cuts down on all the aimless mall wandering. Not only will this allow you to stick to your budget, but more importantly it limits your interaction with stressed out & over caffeinated last minute shoppers.

3)Buy online if you can. Sites like Amazon and update their merchandise on the daily in addition to boasting a ton of deals and sales. They carry either identical or similar items as the in-store retailers, often at a much lower cost. Plus, who doesn’t like being able to shop from the comfort of their own bed? No pants are the best pants.

4)If you’re brave enough and willing to sacrifice a limb or two, hit up Black Friday. There’s no question you can find some unbeatable deals after Thanksgiving, and if you’re tough enough to brave the retail gauntlet, you may be able to check most of your holiday list off in one trip.

5)Buying gifts for everyone on your list is costly, and searching for the best deals is time consuming. Use Pricerazzi to help you get the best deal on the gifts you have already purchased but have yet to wrap. We’re here to help shopping this holiday season be a little less stressful!