8 Tips for Parents to Help Their Kids Make Smooth Transition to Preschools

Now that your child has taken a big leap to preschool, you may be anxious about his/her health in your absence or how is the kid coping with others, is he/she getting into fights or learning well. Such worries are normal. We tell you about 8 ways, by which you can assure a smooth transition for your children who have joined preschool.

1. Try doing some play therapy with your child at home. Stuffed animals, puppets or interactive games will do. Do not forget to act out the coping strategies, such as “Mr. Bear feels scared. Maybe he could talk about it with his teacher!”

2. See if it possible to set up a play date for your kid with his/her new classmates. Some kindergarteners and preschools offer playground dates for children.

3. If your child seems anxious, address the issue and offer appropriate reassurance. The kid may have plenty to tell when back from school, lend a listening ear and interact with them. If your child is too shy, make sure you yourself ask him/her about their day, what went well and what worries them.

4. You should visit the school when you have the chance and surprise your kid. Well, not that often. But, you must keep up to date about your child’s progress and observing his/her behaviour personally can help.

5. Dramatic play is important. Role-play as much as you can with your child. It assists preschoolers to learn about accepting change and to begin new roles.

6. There are several pictorial and graphical books on preschool. Read to your child about starting kindergarten. By reading it together with your kid, he/she will learn how to behave in classroom, with friends, teachers and others.

7. Tell your child about your kindergarten experiences, such as what made you feel good, or how things turned out okay. This is a good way to impart morals and lessons in him/her. You can even let this exercise done by the kid’s elder sibling.

8. Preschoolers need to feel that their parent believes how they feel is in fact, true. Give your child time to outgrow their inhibitions, never discourage them. If you think your kid is involved in a bad habit or mischievous act, do not scold or become violent, rather impart good habits through play or stories.

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