How Education today is more than Any Classroom Routine?

Today, education sector is highly commercialized or at least thought to be so. Many schools and colleges take high amount of donation or fees that is not justified for in a sense that the facilities provided are quite inefficient to the fee amount charged. However, CBSE board school is one of the quality education platform where the services provided to students, and even their parents, are on par with international school standards. Children are given a chance to go beyond textbooks and receive a wholesome development.

How Has Education System Faired in India?

Though education system in India is a paradox of economics, wherein some schools charge very high fees while some pretty low, the international school fees standard in country is relative to suit the common man who wishes to give excellent education to his/her kids. Not to mention, but CBSE schools rule a fee that is significant to the services they offer.

Parents can rely on the teaching staff for they uphold education ethics and do not act rash with children- a characteristic which define reliable educational institutes. As per a case study of CBSE schools in India, relevant students end up with greater job opportunities as compared to education received from other affiliated institutions.

Thus, children are in better hands not only for the present but as they become prestigious adults. Also, the school fees are structured in a way that expensive learning guides and provisions are offered at a nominal rate.

What amenities do Premium Schools Offer?

The school premises itself are something to boast about, which is equipped with clean and air-conditioned classrooms, digital learning, medical emergency room, specialized labs, sports room etc. Such is the state of Rainbow International School or Rainbow International School facilities, which allows students to acquaint with their creative persona as well, with music learning, extra-co curricular activities, and premium education standards.

Rainbow International School is spread over in India, and one can contact school anytime. Especially, it has a great hold in Thane, Mumbai, where the school admission is underway. Nonetheless, one can always trust CBSE schools for studies. Parents can be at relief about their children; as such institutions have security in place to care for children. This is seen by guarded school bus services, which always have experienced attendant and calling facility attached that can be used by students in times of emergencies.

Why Education is more than just Reading up Books?

As the world of education is moving towards exploring new skills, vocational studies, sports, and more other than just book texts, international schools provide the ultimate platform for learning such advanced techniques under one roof. At such institutions, students are given opportunity to take part in sports competition, learn horse riding, self-defence, gardening, dance styles, yoga, meditation, dramatics, drills, art & architecture, and such activities.

Moreover, all the above-mentioned facilities are introduced from Class I, if not in kindergarten. This is why international school preschool organizers also emphasise on holistic learning for students, wherein children interact with intelligent educational tools such as ABACUS, phonetics, cognitive growth etc at a very early age, and they soon develop strong IQ tendencies, which is helpful in future.

Where to Seek Admission for Children?

With summer already at its peak in India, and students just starting with their year at school, parents must be thinking as to which educational institute they must get their children admitted at. If they are dissatisfied with the current school, they can always access CBSE affiliated school list and get in touch with required organization for the admission procedure. Such schools prefer meritorious students and may have concession for students belonging from lower strata of economy and other special cases.