We Can’t Go Back
George Takei

As I represent the next generation after this group, I can attest there were a lot atrocities that occurred.. I want to bring out a few things that also occurred during this same time period that I learned while I was in the US navy during 1976 to 82..

Other parts I learned along the way from other old Japanese folks.. and the rest I just put it together and with some common sense…

  1. America practically invited Japan to attack the US and I am sure they could have prevented the Pearl Harbor disaster… So it is partly the upper ivory tower folks who really started this mess….
  2. While I do not claim to know anything of the shinto as a Japanese old person would; I’m not even Japanese.. I do think the religion did worship the Emperor as God; and He commanded the people and troops just the same way the Muslims of today are commanded from the upper level Imams. At their surrender, they made the Emperor admit on microphone that he was not God… many Japanese committed hari kare (SUICIDE) for this reason.
  3. The shinto temples were used as a secret radio transmission in these places.. weather all the Japanese (only) worshippers know about them or not. The ones who knew kept it secret out of respect or fear of their fellow Japanese brother.
  4. These were reporting all logistical intel to the Japanese superiors who collected enough intel to destroy a lot more than Pearl Harbor..
  5. The Japanese ADULTS acted innocent whenever they were questioned and as far as I learned.. almost none of them turned in the local traitors for fear of retaliation or because of loyalty to Japan…
  6. And one missing piece of detail that is highly important… American law enforcement were not permitted to search or investigate holy buildings such as churches or temples… One really big problem at that time….
  7. The only option left was to put all Japanese into camps to stop this traitorous activity at the cost of the innocent Japanese children and the naive Japanese folks… Americans had no other choice and so little time to defend themselves against the huge fleet, who practiced kamikaze runs against our carriers and battleships!!!
  8. Americans had NO TIME to do a nice and organised inquisition of ALL the existing Japanese/Americans who would lie as fast as they would kill Americans.. lets not forget how many Americans were murdered by these nice peace loving people… loyal to Japan…

Not all you believe is true… Not all you know is ALL there is…

I hope this helps to see what the Muslims are doing now

This religion is far more deadly than shinto religion…

This religion was designed to do nothing bu murder and destruction to anyone and any place they live.. there are 3 main Korans.. the 3rd one is the most dangerous..

It teaches of the 72 virgins in heaven and other stupid things… And the original Korans don’t teach this… now the fun begins…..

what to do…!!!???