Evolution come through every corner ..

The whole world is looking like crazy when some one Donald Trump, a real estate taycoon will be elected as the next President of USA. What should be quality of a leader to bve elected as the haed of the state? As title suggest something evolitionary going on in the world and yes from the every corner. When some deadly terrorist organization get support from whole of world, my belief in humans diminish.

As a whole of the world prompting towards extremism, there is a reason behind it. A terrorist outfit, being terrorist have all the rights to abolished human beings and properties, can not be easily targeted because they are anonymous.

Being moderate, I face many challenges in society to hold my own faith and practices. Because in room of two person, it will become difficult to survive for a moderate if other one os extremist.Either bring your room at moderate or be extremist. Once I have told him to not practice it as it is against the harmony of society, it is your weakness not civilization. I was wondering why such diversed and beautiful will ever choose Trump as their next leader while he is not a leader at all.

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