Humana It is bad to be good ..

Here I am not trying to write anything for the sake of catchy article but a showing a mirror to the current generation of society. From the childhood to the start of teenages many of us are bounded to their characters and civilization. Stories of some warriors and leaders are heared and named them as a good people. Its all because we are so innocent to think anything beyong the prepared boundries by parents. So if someone has love they will termed it as evil and I will make my mind to not do so in my time. With the start of ending of teenages, we sterted to use our mind beyond the boundries and then only realise that¨It is bad to be good¨.

Now, when I have presumed that it will be better to be bad, something else has striked my mind. Was those things are really good which our parents taught me or what I have vatsed from the environment I brought up. So many people so many Ideas and so many definition of being good.

finally, coming to the point which I want to share with.

  1. It is well know that anything against truth and non-voilence is condemnable.
  2. Work is worship.

And many more points are there favouring the nature of the Nature. So what provoke us to against these natural beauties. Fear of ignorance, is what makes everyone to not be good. Let us take a case of any saint of any time, take an example of Guru Nanak ji (founder of Sikh religion), he was great saint. But with his company, there might be some more saints who all spent all their life unnoticed. But today generation can tolerate everything but not the lebel of unnoticed. Today, people can do anything to just get noticed even they will forget the virtue of goodness.

Being an Indian, I have noticed.

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