It is being my first post, especially something related to digital marketing so don´t expect so much out of it.At the same be sure you will have good time while going through it. Since I have no special expertise in the profile and some what navie, will prefer to start from the root of subject.

There used to be a time when people had to wait the postman impatiently for the letter but with the pessage of time we have started to ignore the same letter/mail from various sources excluding via postman one. So the point is what brings us to stop the modern mail i.e. email notifications while mails used to be a matter of pride in past. Is our habit which change with time or mail itself beccame insignificant? One of the main reson I rackon is relevancy of the mails. Users will still wait for the mails and open them proudly if they become relevent. Here we habve two things to deal with-

  1. To reach at maximum customers ( Not to visitors, i.e. customization of visitors)
  2. Not let customers feel the irrelevancy of the mail if they are.

To increase visitors we have many set formulae but the main challenge is to convert them into a customer. How can we allign most of the visitors towards being customer. I wish to have an analogy between two different industries to as what I think to make my point more comprehensive.

When any social or political organization takes a birth, they dont have any achievment so they do, is to reach maximum peopple personally i.e. door to door campaigning instead of making big public gather for promotions.The main benefit of door to door reachability is to have better communication. However, both these mothods of comaigning have same finencial requirement. So I will choose customization of customer as my priority.

Essence of email marketing:

In the age of digitalisation, email marketing comes out as a bonn for the onloine service providers. Since there are variety of customers available in abundant so the companies. In that case companies will have to provide attractive schemes to the visitor to make one customer.

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