What is like to have missed an IIT and landed at LPU?

I am among one to whom this question should be asked. And I shall love to go back to those days of complete uncertaintity and aimless life. Lovely Professional University(LPU) is different in every aspect from other engineering colleges and Universoties(having technical department) in India.

Dreaming more and working less had left me out of the race of IIT colleges seat. Actaully at some level, I was pretty sure about my eligibilty and working to not get enrolled into IITs and at the same time I didn´t want to work hard and dream for the private institutions.

It was summer of 2010 when many students like me were searching a decent engineering college with good reputation and affordable fee structure(me particularly) My requirment meet with the schlorship program of LPU. I would say, being in Punjab add one more perk to have admission in LPU.

Sliding of technical land under the feet of these students was started as they enter first time inside the campus. Scenario was like, don´t count students just feel the rush everywhere. The campus was not less than ¨Silicon Valley of India¨ like infrastructure with many streets and blocks inside the single campus. On that very first day we had introduced ourselves to UMS(University Managment System). Whatever you want, whenever you need anything, just go for the UMS. So hostel allotment and booking was so smooth as to book a movie ticket on Book My Show with your prefered seat. From my experience, now I like to differenciate LPU standard with what supposed to have in IITs.

Hostel Life:

It is one of the most deciding factor for every student pursuing engineering degree. In LPU, your hostel will provide you more freedom to live in as there were little things to share with roommates. In case we are in hostel room, everyone will be messed up with following activities-

  1. Copying assignment of other students(When I say copying, means ditto)
  2. Downloading upcoming movie trailors & songs and somtime tring to access prohibited sites.
  3. If not in hostel room, cricket playing students will be on the ground and others nearby girls hostel.
  4. In the name of studies, we cover those important topics which are likely to be asked in test paper next day.
  5. On the other hand, you will find every kind of facilities inside the campus to grrom yourself for an engineer or even a better.
  6. You will get a very nice chance to meet and interact with thousands of students inside the campus from across the globe.


For any student who had aspired for IITs, will find classroom studies and practical laboratory as last thing in LPU. I have heard that even in IITs Professors rarely take full session of classromm and teach students as per the time table but here at LPU it was not the case. Lecturers and Professors(I find it difficult to call them Professor) were punctual for classroom attendence and test papers. Below are the points of differentiaion of LPU from IITs-

  1. I was in third year when my new class teacher of fluid mechanics entered into the classroom and asked,¨How many of you know the unit of Force¨. Being mechanical student, we just can´t understand the logic of asking such a stupid question with us. Wiil I still feel the temperament towards my studies which I had during my IIT preparation days?
  2. LPU students are engineeing pass outs while IIT students are engineering graduates.
  3. During preparation of our parts (mechanical job) as an assignment in laboratory, we had so much fun because end of the day those parts will not be considered for evaluation.
  4. The whole atmosphere inside the campus was always fuming with some celebrities coming for their movie promotion.

The ultimate race of memorization starts at the time of our mid-term and end-term examination.

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