Amaze us with your talents.

Let me propose you something: Let’s focus for a day, in the wonderful, unknown artists around the world.


If you're going to watch only one video from this article, I'm going to give you first the one that started all of this, this article and this feeling that the world if full of amazing people. What they do can be cataloged in many ways, but I'm just going to leave it under "Beautiful".

From The Netherlands, Another Kind of Blue.

We are surely underestimating our current Internet. Let's go back for the length of this paragraph back 20 years, into a small town. You could only read about the famous bands on magazines and buy their CDs.

If you were REALLY lucky, then you knew somebody with a modem and a good telephone plan that allowed him to go online (during the night only) and you could just immerse yourself into the depths of this new thing called The Web, and learn about different music styles or bands, but… hey, you couldn't download music or it took too long, or the quality was plain awful.

We take our current situation for granted. You can now watch online television from almost every country in the world. And learn that in Thailand, there's an amazing girl that sings Eminem and Rihanna like it's her second nature.

We don't need to travel all the way to Spain, to get Opera tickets and seat, ready to listen to a fantastic Opera singer combining her talents with the sounds of an Australian band.

From the comfort of our screens and in full HD, you can see a scrawny little girl just sing a version of Believe, from the great Cher, in the sweetest voice you're going to listen today.

A little transgender girl from the United States that doesn't know her name just dares to sing an original song, written by herself, and gives the most heartfelt performance I've ever seen while playing the Ukulele.

Eight guys from Argentina, my home country, just display an incredible talent, doing some Malambo in a scenery where people doesn't even know very well where Argentina is.

And to finish, what else but the greatest example of them all. A Gospel choir, named 100 Voices of Gospel, consisting of singers from 20+ nationalities, singing beautifully as one voice.

I'll consider myself lucky if you are reading this last part. There are so many incredible and wonderful artists out there, just performing their acts with the hope of touching your life, even for a moment.

We're all like this. Our acts, our arts may be different, but we hold the same idea: we want to see the wonder of the world and the wonder of others, and share with everybody what makes us special.

So do it. Don't be afraid. I don't care what you do, what are you good at. Just go out there and do it. Show us, show yourself, what're you capable of, and amaze us.

We need this more than ever.

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