Time to set some ideas free.

I’ve been maintaining blogs for some time now. It all started with Blogger, but then I moved into my own platforms, then onto Wordpress and lately, into statically generated websites.

And it´s always the same: at first you fall in love with your new platform, then you write a couple of posts, but now you need to spend an insane amount of time updating the template, and the writing spree fades… and a couple of years later, you start all over again.

Well, it's time to break this pattern. And Medium is going to help me achieve this. There’s not platform to take care of. You can’t choose a template. And writing your blog posts is easier as it’s ever going to get, even getting a real-time view of its final looks as you type it. It’s publishing heaven.

I can now concentrate on the content, rather than the looks. In the concepts, rather than the colors of the ads. The feedback, rather than the hosting.

So, the plan is to start writing daily, not-so-big posts about anything. I want to create the habit of writing again, and be able again to connect and communicate with others and see what happens.

And, for the first time ever, I’m going to blog in english. Something that I’ve been postponing for 16 years. Enough is enough.

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