Letter to my 10-year-old self: Sorry for liking fish.

I'm pretty sure that my 10-year-old me would be very surprised to know all the stuff we eat now.

Dear me,

I have to be honest and tell you a couple of things that you won't like… at all. I know you don't know how to read english yet, but don't worry, you'll not only learn it, but you'll speak it every single day. But that's not what I have to tell you right now.

I commited treason to you and now I eat fish. Once a week. And we like it. I know this is hard to digest, but believe me, it's not. You're going to be married (yes, you, that even know think that marriage is not necessary) to an excellent chef, and she's going to be the responsible.

No, she's not anyone you know or will know yet. Don't try to find her in Trelew. She's probably 4 years old now and probably at Disney with her parents. But it doesn't stop at fish.

She's going to make you eat lentils stew. Not because she forced you, but because she prepares it in such a way that you have no other choice but to love it. If I were you, I'd stop complaining about lentils stew right now and make your mother happy in the process.

It's going to be better if I just tell you this: You'll like salads (and just that, not as a side dish), chard, spinach, mushrooms, something you've never heard of called sushi, raw and cooked salmon, shrimps, fried squid and the list goes on and on. Sorry for all this, but I really tried to remain true to you.

Although, there are still lines that I'll never cross, but I'll still reassure you this: we still don't like tripe and NEVER will. And still soup is something that we can mostly keep away from us (except when you'll try your first onion soup nowhere else but in Paris. Believe, it's worth it)

But don't worry, these are things that are mostly additions to what you'll eat. The really good things that you like now, I'd still like them now. Dulce de Leche will still be number one, pizzas and fried potatoes (french fries they called them in english) just follow, milanesas are mostly there too (although you'll have to start calling them schnitzel) and you're still a couple of decades away from the best hamburgers you'll ever taste. Please, be patience.

There are other things that you know of right now that will still be there with you. Our curiosity is still here. We will look at things trying to deconstruct them and understand them in the same way.

I know you die for this. Believe, not gonna happen.

You'll have one computer after the other and they are all going to be better than the previous one. So please, stop sighing for that Spectrum Sinclair because you'll never have it. Luckily, we'll never have it.

Mom will never stop telling you that you spend too much time on your computer (you'll get it in two years from now, so again, patience), but it's her job to do that, she only wants to make sure you have enough sleep, but she understands you enjoy and learn.

Computers just get awesomer with the years. And you'll never have to stop using them if you don't want to. Well, if I don't want to.

This is something difficult to understand but that city, Trelew, won't be as big as you think it's now. And you'll travel, my boy. You'll be in so many countries that you'll lose track of them. Luckily for you and me photos now are digital, so we'll have tons of them to remember each one of those places.

But best of all, you'll still be here. I know you think, even now, that you want to always remain a child. That you don't want to grow up. Well, the good news is that you don't have to. You'll get older, yes, but we'll still be kids and enjoy that.

Growing up brings new responsibilities, but it also means that you get to decide what that means.

And now, I won't tell you anything about grandma or grandpa, you'll have to discover that by yourself.

But I trust you. I always do.

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