Spaces for Perspectives — appreciating cityscapes

St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Looking at it from several perspectives. (All photographs in this article are from my adventures.)

Buildings with multiple vanishing points

Above: Single vanishing point in a modern city (Singapore) . Below: Multiple vanishing points in a historic city (Edinburgh)
Quite literally the street comes to life !

Contours in a city

Road from the airport leading into the city of Hong Kong

Spaces to appreciate the city from

A map showing the several levels and transient modes in central Hong Kong. Page photographed from the book Cities Without Ground
Left: Looking up at the Concourse from ground level. Middle: Meeting the Concourse at eye level from a pedestrain bridge six meters above ground level. Right: Looking back at Concourse after walking one kilometer away from it.

Flâneuse, Urban explorer, Building scientist

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Priji Balakrishnan

Priji Balakrishnan

Flâneuse, Urban explorer, Building scientist

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