13 Reasons Why ‘Dear White People’ is Compulsory Viewing
Ezinne Ukoha

I’m fascinated by your love for this show. So much so, that I’m going to watch it even though I tried the first few episodes already and felt like I did not understand it. I feel like you’re saying “Dear White People” tells your story in a way, and if that is true then I want to learn from it.

Incidentally, “13 Reasons Why” tells my story, in a way I never expected from film. I have spent most of my life alone, with heavy expectations placed on me and being dominated by others against whom I’ve had no defense. I understand Hannah’s suicide, as well as all of her efforts to find help before it. I understand it in the way a person does who has not only been there, but lived there for very long periods of time, my only hope for a better tomorrow by passing through the hell of today. I saw Hannah use every emotional resource her 13-year-old self had, to reach out and to NOT give up hope. Ultimately, understanding that was what made her friends resolve to care more about people and do better for others than they had for her. I did not face all my horrible things at such a tender age, or I probably wouldn’t be sitting here writing these words to you. So as I seek understanding in “Dear White People”, please reconsider your dismissal of “13 Reasons Why”.

From someone who’s lived there