How having coffee with strangers will improve your social skills
Lorenzo Gonzales

Very insightful! Great piece. Great lessons! I definitely thought “what is he trying to sell” at first, ha! This was based upon a past of people immediately going into selling mode, and me feeling ‘trapped’ and unable to say no. As I’ve gotten older I’ve spoken out a bit more about it. Once we started talking I felt completely at ease. It’s okay to be selling something, I agree. It’s the typically aggressive approaches that fail and create more guarded people! Being a known blogger, I’ve been through the ringer with this.

Re: assuming it’s a date. That could be an entire piece on it’s own, and I believe related to just how modern dating is now. Goes back to us being a guarded, fearful, culture. My big talk this Spring will be on modern dating and sexuality. I’m going deep with this! Disconnection/fear/lack of trust in the world. Connection is everything! My favorite part is when you talked about seeing awe in people. It’s so important to ALWAYS find something that you see, hear, or feel. Especially in people that you find annoying or are having trouble relating to. Once you find that good in a person or situation that is not ideal, it’s easier to continue to find good in the world and results in the big H! (happy). hehe. Thanks for this great piece!

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