A Primary Care Physician: For Your Overall Health Needs

Get To Know About Primary Care Physician

A healthcare practitioner, primary care physician is basically a health care practitioner who is liable to see people with common medical problems. The Primary Care Physician in NYC refers to a doctor, a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner who is often involved in the patient’s care for a long time. Therefore, it is important to choose your physician carefully with whom you will work well in non emergency situations.

Role And Responsibilities Of PCP:

  • To provide preventive care and teach healthy lifestyle choices
  • Liable to identify and treat common medical conditions
  • Make referrals to medical specialists when required
  • To Assess the urgency of your medical problems and direct the patients to the best place

PCP: To Give The Best Medical Assistance:

Talking about the Primary care, it is usually provided in an outpatient setting. In case the patient is admitted to the hospital, the PCP may assist in or direct the patient’s care, depending on the circumstances. Having a PCP gives the most trusting and ongoing relationship with one medical professional over time. Different types of PCPs are mentioned below:

  • Family Practitioners
  • Pediatricians
  • Geriatricians
  • Internists
  • Obstetricians/gynecologists
  • Nurse practitioners (NP) and physician assistants (PA)

Consider the following points while choosing a PCP:

  • Is the staff friendly and helpful?
  • Are the office hours convenient to you?
  • How easy is it to approach the provider?
  • Does the provider refer to other specialists frequently or infrequently?
  • Does the provider have a conservative or aggressive approach to treatment?

Get The Referrals:

  • Contact the Friends, neighbors, or relatives
  • State-level medical associations
  • Your dentist, pharmacist, optometrist, previous provider
  • Many health plans, including the HMOs, have websites, directories, or customer service staff who can assist you to select the best PCP

If a health care problem comes up, contact a reputed primary care physician who can provide the best medical help to you.