Library Software with Its Merits & Features

Most of the readers of the article might know very well about library, because we are getting acquainted with it since our childhood. Even I used to visit my school library since I started going to school. Those days at library were real fun. You will get all kinds of books, comics, Journals & novels to read only on just one condition that makes us to stay silent while reading books. Really it was serene & peaceful environment that I will never forget in my life. In other words Library is nothing but is a huge store house of knowledge that can be explored by any individual without any assistance. But the real question that baffles your mind is the meaning of library software. It is a kind of software that helps a librarian or a library staff member to organize all the library books and keep a track on them.

So, it will be better to know more about this special software by digging deeper. The most crucial thing the library needs to have is that it must be capable of saving costly reading time by guiding the reader to book he wants to read. The information necessarily does not need to be limited only to books and journals.

So according to our opinion, good library management software must be capable of adding & organising all kinds of reading material such as books, journals, articles, thesis, newspapers, maps, charts, project reports, CDs, DVDs, electronic journals, audio cassettes, video cassettes, scanned images, audio files, video files as well as all other types of data & reading material. So, now we are getting a feeling that most of our readers are more interested in knowing about the features of the management software without it, any modern library won’t be able to function to the best of its potential. Let’s start with its features without wasting any more time that are as follows:

1) Bar Code Enabled Software: A library can never get fully automated, if it doesn’t get or does not use software that can read barcodes. So, we meant to say that, bar-code reading is a superior way to keep track of all books that are coming and going out of the library. There is a number of library managing software that is obtainable in the market but only some of them carry this feature. Please ensure that you get the management software that has barcode reading feature.

2) Multimedia Management Software: Modern libraries are very different from their predictable counterparts. Reading material aren’t the only resources they have. Particular library software that includes management applications for other reading data sources & educational measurement in the form of CDs & DVDs, audio & video cassettes that must be favoured.

3) Printing applications are vital for an management software: A management software that is capable of member ID cards as well as tracking history of borrowing books & magazines is very important for a library to maintain its credibility as well as avoid losing books to mysterious people.

Another software tool that makes your life easier will be library automation software that allows you to see all the books you own in just one place as well as also having a digital inventory of the copy. The selection of a automation software really makes sense for all situations.

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