Extending our Ultrain Proof-of-Skill campaign deadline

We hear you loud and clear Ultrain fans!

Many fans have written in to ask for an extension of time. UGAS enthusiasts have told us that more time to submit the necessary documents and complete the quiz is needed.

At Primco, we are all about the community and fully understand that time during the week is scarce. It would be a disservice for us to ignore our most-important stakeholders: you!

We want you to know all feedback is taken onboard and we’re ecstatic to tell you that there will be an extension of users’ registration and whitelisting for our Ultrain Proof-of-Skill campaign. The new deadline is now 11 Nov, 2018, 6.00pm (UTC+8). That’s three more days; two of which are the weekend!

There is now no excuse not to qualify for UGAS. If you’re still not sure how it all works, see our original post on Medium on how you can qualify for this early rewards program. https://medium.com/@primco.io/primco-facilitates-rewards-for-ultrains-developer-community-members-4be1cae9331b (The post has been updated to reflect the extension.)

We are all about the community. Without you folks, where would we be?

Primco and Ultrain Teams,
8 Nov, 2018

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