5 Tips Every Architecture Student Should Know

Architecture is a major that is almost equivalent to Medical and Law school in terms of time and effort. The struggles involved in become an architect can become a sad and scary reality for some people as many things are to be sacrificed and learned at the same time. A lot of help is also required from those further along in their studies. Here are a few tips that can assist the individuals who have chosen the long and difficult path of architecture:

  1. Work Immediately on Assignments

Never get into the habit of procrastination. Architecture projects and assignments can take a lot of time and deep thought, therefore, it is better to start them off right away and then work your way through. If you wait for any period of time when you are given the assignment, you will have less time to finish, and it might end up being a huge burden towards the end. Take little steps and start right when you get the assignments for all classes. This will give you the chance to get ahead and finish early.

2. Manage Time

There is nothing more painful than realizing that you have to stay up all night while working on making models and drafting rather than sleeping. Planning out projects and making deadlines to keep track of your progress can help you manage time and become much more efficient. Whenever you get a project or assignment, always make a plan and layout for it which will help you to complete the assignment faster and get better end results.

3. Get Enough Sleep

If there is one thing that any architecture student wants more than money or time, it’s sleep. Try to make sleep your best friend rather than your enemy. Set a sleep schedule if required which can be the best way to keep your sleep in check. Try to get as much sleep as possible so that you keep fresh and buzzing with ideas rather than being down and low all the time.

4. Always Ask for Help

Architecture is not like any other subject that you will understand after one lecture. You will be confused out of your mind for most of the time and you cannot survive without asking for help from your classmates, seniors, and professors. This will not only make you much more knowledgeable but also provide you with a lot support when everything seems a blur.

5. Read Architecture Blogs and Magazines

Keeping up to date with all the latest architectural trends is part and parcel of an architect’s life. Therefore, it is a good idea to try and surround your life with your majors. Get familiar with the architecture industry and make a habit of reading about architecture as much as possible.