Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

Zenimax online released a new, somewhat anticipated expansion pack for their MMO, Elder Scrolls online.

Morrowind has been anticipated and probably brought back many players and maybe even some new players. The original game by Bethesda Game Studios Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind was a legend, a real innovative revolutionary game that changed RPGs for ever. It was 3D, it allowed for role-playing and it had a good story with a beginning and an end. There were many issues of course, like clunky combat mechanics but players could live with these annoyances because the core game was brilliant.

Seyda Neen in original Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

I never got into Morrowind, as I joined the gaming revolution with Oblivion. I remember going back to Morrowind after Oblivion mostly because of curiosity but finding the lack of voice-acting, inferior graphics and terrible movement/combat a big turn off so I never gave Morrowind a chance. So imagine my enthusiasm for a chance to experience Morrowind in a new and enhanced form. Fully realising that ESO: Morrowind is a completely different beast than what inpired it’s existence the standalone fully-featured game — Morrowind, I’m still interested in visiting the expansion area. I get to walk around and quest in Morrowind and that was good enough for me.

Seyda Neen in Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

I started a new character for ESO: Morrowind. You start out on a ship, same as in the original Morrowind of course. Your first town in Seyda Neen of course and I’m sure there are a billion other things that are common between the two instances of Morrowind. It looks stunning. The mmo version. The world is much more interesting than some of the basic nature vistas on offer from ESO. Don’t get me wrong ESO looks competent all over but sometimes it’s not interesting to look at, not so with Morrowind.

Quests have a hefty amount of voice acted dialog and running around, talking to different folks. I love it. I feel like there have been 0 “go-over-there-kill-certain-number-of-bad-guys” type of quests. It’s always been a side thing — the combat. The combat is fun, active and deadly. It’s so well implemented with level scaling and the whole idea that you can go anywhere at any level and do anything. On paper that sounds terrible but it works in practice. I no longer feel the need to rush to max level. I can actually enjoy the journey.

A few annoyances I have with ESO: Morrowind are probably just common to MMOs in general. For example after every dungeon crawl or major quest part I need to return to a major city to empty my bags (sell stolen loot, crafting, banking) It’s further emphasized by a extremely limited inventory space, which to be fair, is expandable. I also find caves or dungeons that are locked and cant be explored unless I have an active quest that directly sends me there. There is still a strong line between an MMO and an open world RPG game. MMO still has to have quest markers and quests before the player can do something. I wish for a truly open MMO where I can do stuff without needing to go and get a quest. ESO is close.

View of the Vivec City in ESO: Morrowind