This Time About A Year Ago…

PrimeBall was conceived by the international group of friends living in both Americas, Europe and South East Asia. Together, we’ve done a few very successful projects in the financial, and agricultural sectors.

Being culturally interconnected, we came to realizing something about both online and offline gambling, be that conventional lotteries, or casinos, or raffles: they lack transparency, and chances of winning are so slim — it often makes no sense to even start playing. 
We all understand that in any raffle there will be tickets that win, and tickets that don’t. But in any gambling, as the conventional wisdom tells us, is one entity that always win: it’s the house.

Last but not least, the selection of winners is often a shady process, especially when it comes to online gambling. No one ever guaranteed that it is completely random, and that owners of the game don’t interfere with the results; there’s no way of knowing whiter the game is legit, or organizers will just grab all the money, and — using the anonymous nature of crypto will run away with no trace behind.

So, we took all this concerns and considerations into account, and decided to create a game that would prevent all this issues. That’s how the concept of PrimeBall was born: we designed it to be fair, honest, verifiable, and — this is the best part, — our house only wins when players win.

It took us a few months do develop our proprietary algorithm that would ensure all of the ideas are implemented. Then we asked an independent experts to assess it, to make sure we’re true to the concept we had in mind, and all the clams to fairness and transparency are absolutely and completely accurate.

And now we’re ready to welcome you here, to our website, where you don’t just participate in the raffle but also can have fun, read some great stories, be entertained with our cartoons and comics, and, of course, be the lucky winner.