Announcing Signature Campaign for Telegram

Today we launch our signature campaign for Telegram! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to win some PEX-Tokens for doing nothing more than helping us spread our message around wherever it is that you go on Telegram. We’re excited to bring this out to you guys and see the community jump into action in growing our community by sharing Prime-Ex Perpetual with others. Here’s how it works:

Introducing the PEXT Telegram Signature Campaign!!!

Be sure to join our community at and/or

Change your profile picture and Username to support Prime-Ex Perpetual and get some free PEXT!

Your username should look like this: Username |

Also, you’ll need to change up your Profile Picture for a while. Here’s what we have in mind:

Profile Picture | A picture that supports and displays the Prime-Ex Perpetual logo or the PEXT “P” logo

How long does the Signature Campaign last?

The Signature Campaign will last 2 months for payouts, meaning that you’ll need to wear our logo pic and username for 2 continuous months. The clock starts now, and the window is 3 months for total term of the campaign.

How Do I Get My PEXT?

In order to claim your PEXT you must first change your profile picture and username and submit a PM with the start date and then when you have been logged in with the changed username and profile pictures for two months send us a message with your wallet address.

Tokens will be distibuted once you have been verified by our telegram admins who will have a list of all the people who submit and the start dates. (need to check in periodically to see your promotions)

How Much PEXT Can I Earn?

The following will be released to the first 400 people to submit for the promotion.

A total of 12,000 PEXT are available for this promotion! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to earn some PEXT. Consider it a piggy bank for yourself as PEXT makes a climb over the next few months!

Join the Revolution Today!

You can help us spread the word about what we’re doing by joining the conversation and helping to get us out there across social media. Here’s some of the ways that you can find us:

Main Website:




Telegram Russian: