Guaranteed Return Investment Home Program Fantastic Move for Investors!

If you’re looking to park $100,000 USD overseas there’s no greater place to do it than our Investment Home Program in La Chorrera, Panama. Panama has long been a go-to destination for its wealth preservation and asset protection benefits. Combined with titled property in Central America’s fastest growing area, Prime-Ex Perpetual real estate management services, and a guaranteed rate of return for the first two years, our 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath homes are a fantastic choice for your investment purchase.

La Chorrera, Panama

La Chorrera is the fastest growing community not only in Panama, but for the whole of Central America. 18 years ago this community was a quiet little commuter town. Today, 260,000 people call La Chorrera home, and Panama has recently split La Chorrera out as the capital seat of its own province, known now as Panama Oeste.

Modern malls, great restaurants, great medical care, public transportation, and convenience to both Panama City and the nearby resort communities make La Chorrera an amazing place to invest! Real estate prices continue to increase here and we anticipate nearly 10% annual equity appreciation for the next few years.

Investor Homes

Our $100,000 USD Investment Homes are a fanstastic choice for your investment. Featuring 3 Bedrooms and 3 Baths, they enjoy the most square meters and amenities for any new home that can be found in their price point. You can buy a titled home in a growing neighborhood right in the middle of a thriving community.

We have 35 of these homes under roof, and are already filling orders. 94 lots are available on this side of the street, with over a hundred more ready to begin across the street. Our property includes room for a total of 380 units, which will represent only 1/10th of 1% of the residential homes here in La Chorrera, so we’re guaranteed not to over-saturate the market. We won’t even be keeping up with demand, which is a great thing for you as the investor!

Here’s the Deal

You get a fantastic house in a fantastic community…

You get a guaranteed rate of return of 7% per annum for the first 2 years…

You get our management services for free for the first 2 years…

Best of all you get no property tax for 10 years so that your 7% rate of return is a true net return!

Special Bundle Discount

We have 5 home bundles available for a 5% discount in price. This is a great way for larger investors to pick up some free equity in Central America’s fastest growing community. Same benefits apply, you just get a cheaper price!

Know Somebody?

Maybe you’re not flush enough with funds to make a purchase for yourself. No problem! Refer us a buyer and you get 5,000 free PEXT! #EverybodyWins is our motto, and we bring that philosophy to our Investor Home options as well!

We can’t wait to show you the beauty of Panama! You can own these titled investment homes safely and securely while you enjoy guaranteed returns for two years, no strings attached. You buy them, we’ll rent them for you, and we’ll build a relationship together that will last for years to come!

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