Prime-Ex Perpetual Quick Hitters

Here’s a quick overview of what we’re doing at Prime-Ex Perpetual. We believe our project, with mass adoption and broad-scale application, stands the potential to turn the future of how residential real estate is built, sold and financed on its head. The Prime-Ex Perpetual business model revolutionizes the approach to the development, sale, and financing of residential real estate. We will use the advantages of this model to bring real estate profits to you.

Controlling the real estate process from beginning to end enables Prime-Ex Perpetual to achieve economies of scope and scale. Essentially, we are able to coalesce operations regarding real estate development and product/materials sourcing by achieving quantity discounts, thus attaining a higher profit margin which will pass along throughout our real estate ecosystem via our PEX-Token profit distributions.

We bring Prime-Ex Perpetual and homeowners to the same side of the table. We will maintain all homes we build to ensure they remain in top condition, and ready to go back to the market if a homeowner uses the buyback program.

The terms of the Revolution Loan have no rival in Panama and come to meet the needs of an underserved market. Our financing product is different from its qualification conditions up to the lender incentives to fulfill obligations, encouraged through the buy-back program.

— No Income Verification — 25% Down Payment + 2 Years Verified Reserve
 — Guaranteed Buyback Program after 2 Years

This results in a near-zero risk of default. If the buyers default, they lose the buyback guarantee. Plus, we’re on site performing our maintenance contracts. We see the collateral all the time and we’re paid to know it and maintain it. We have effectively created a performing, high-yielding asset, all while possessing minimal risk!

We create organic PEXT demand by providing an interest rate cut to all homeowners participating in the Revolution Loan who make their payments using PEX-Tokens. Internal, organic demand combined with external market demand will serve symbiotic growth in the portfolio and the overall ecosystem itself… as the real estate portfolio grows… so does the demand for PEXT.

Our executive team has a strong international network along with the the proven experience in Panama and abroad in homebuilding, real estate development/commercialization, and residential mortgages. This helps to ensure the success of our proof of concept. In essence, we have built out a plan that we already have the skills to successfully achieve.

We believe that the Prime-Ex Perpetual model will ultimately produce returns beneficial to all participants in our ecosystem while building into a position to become an extremely disruptive force for the good of all people who wish to develop, build, and/or purchase real estate. No longer will the bank be pulling the strings and playing us against each other. We can now all be on the same team!