Prime-Ex Perpetual’s Ace in the Hole: The Revolution Loan

Prime-Ex Perpetual rethinks the way real estate is built, sold, and financed. Our Revolution Loan represents a monumental change in the way that residential real estate can be financed at purchase. We’re not a bank. We’re developers, builders, and property managers. This gives us a significant advantage over the banks when it comes to knowing the collateral, knowing what we can sell the home for today, knowing what’s necessary to maintain the home, and knowing a general future value.

When a bank considers your application for a mortgage it’s very rare that they would put their eyes on the collateral. Instead, they rely on third party appraisers to give them an estimate of value based on comparable sales in the area, estimated construction costs, and income potential.

What does a third party appraiser and a bank NOT evaluate? There are many things, but the primary thing that is never considered is the impact of market manipulation perpetrated by the banks in the way that they influence market values of real estate by how much they loosen or tighten their lending guidelines.

Whenever banks loosen lending guidelines for housing the demand for housing goes up. This is because the loosening of credit guidelines increases the number of people in the community that can qualify to buy a home. As more people buy houses with the bank’s money, more money flows into the local economy. This can also serve to create more jobs as more contractors and sub-contractors enter the workforce to meet increasing demand for more homes.

What happens when banks tighten lending guidelines for housing? Well, the opposite occurs!

All of the sudden there are less people in the community that can qualify to buy a home. As less people buy houses with the bank’s money, less money flows into the local economy. People employed in the construction business lose their jobs as contractor and sub-contractors leave the workforce due to decreasing demand for more homes.

Why do the banks play this game? Because they’re in the business of manipulating the price of fiat currency by controlling how elastic or inelastic our money supply is.

A house that costs $200,000.00 to build doesn’t suddenly become worth $20,000.00 in an un-manipulated economy. Yet, at the courthouse steps, that’s effectively what a bank will have in a house in terms of net money paid out versus paid back in. When they foreclose it down after the bad economy that they created leaves the people that they financed unable to continue paying their homes after they’ve already paid on it for ten years it is the bank that ends up with gigantic windfalls of cash after re-selling the house to their own friends and family, conveniently, with another loan that they’re now more than willing to create after they tightened up credit to cripple the economy.

There’s a reason that the global economy tends to crash every 7 years or so, and this is a big reason why… you get poorer and the banks get richer. Watch bank stocks after a crash. They’re usually the first ones to rebound. That’s because they’re buying up all the collateral for pennies on the dollar and re-selling it back to people and financing it again to boot.

The Revolution Loan

We launched Prime-Ex Perpetual intent on changing residential real estate for the better. We realized that embedded within our program lies the key to freeing us all from the bonds of bank slavery. Make no mistake, that’s exactly what we’re talking about. We are all slaves to the banks because we’ve surrendered the power and control of our own money over to their influence and control.

Today, at the advent of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency integration and mass adoption, It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. We have developed a better way to approach residential real estate development, building, selling, and financing. A key component of our system is found in the Revolution Loan. Let’s take a look at some of the Revolution Loan’s key features…

30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

The first thing to understand is that there is no funny business with what we’re doing. When you buy from us you’re going to get a 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage that is fairly priced. Your first payment will be the same as your last payment. No funny adjustable rate mortgages, no balloons, and no tricks involving default interest rates where we get to kick you when you’re down. We want everyone in our ecosystem to thrive. #EverybodyWins.

No Income Verification

This is not your grandparents’ generation. We no longer exist in a world where we leave school and work at the same place until we retire, experiencing an annual increase in pay, and an ever-increasing savings account. Those days are gone.

Today, when you apply for a mortgage, banks usually require two to three years worth of income verification. This is crazy in today’s world, and here’s why: You can’t pay your mortgage payment three years from now with your pay statement from three years ago. You can’t promise that your income tomorrow will be the same as it was yesterday, much less three years from now, or ten years from now, or 20 years from now.

The world has changed. Income verification in a multiple career environment is no longer a good way to measure future performance on a long term debt. We change the way that income verification is approached entirely, and in this way Prime-Ex will answer the needs of the expat and self-employed communities with the Revolution Loan in the process.

Asset Verification

So while we don’t verify income, we do verify assets, and you better have some, because is this is the whole key of qualifying for a mortgage with us. There are no gimmicky tricks here either. No over-equity loans. No 0% down loans.

Our down payment is 25% of the purchase price. We therefore verify 25% of the purchase price in liquid assets plus 24 months of mortgage payments. These assets can be in the form of checking, savings, certificates of deposit, accessible, non-retirement stocks and bonds, self-directed retirement plans, and, of course, cryptocurrency.

We feel that this is the very best way to make sure that our customers aren’t biting off more than they can chew, and that they’re serious-minded enough with the way that they’ve accumulated their finances to also make intelligent decisions about where to put their capital to work and where to get more capital. We don’t want or care to know your business except to know that you have the means and ability to pay your payments.

Guaranteed Buyback Program

Prime-Ex Perpetual offers a unique financing system that turns away from traditional financing terms completely, and picks a guaranteed buyback program instead. Our Guaranteed Buyback Program is the reason that our project will experience almost no delinquency. We guarantee that, after two years of payments that are paid as agreed, we will buy your house back from you for 2/3 the amount you originally paid for it. That’s an unprecedented offer and shows you the value that we place in our own product. We’re building the houses, we’re selling the houses, we’re financing the houses, we’re maintaining the houses, and we know their value.

If you go delinquent in your mortgage payments you lose your guaranteed buyback. Instead of kicking you while you’re down and charging you ridiculous default interest rate charges and late fees, we give you a tremendous incentive to keep your payments current. This is your ticket out if push comes to shove.

The home is yours, and you’re free to do whatever you want to with it. Live in it… rent it out… use it as a vacation home. You can sell it, pass it along to your heirs, use our realtors to sell the property, use other realtors to sell the property… all of these things are your choice. But if you need to leave and you need out right now, we’ll buy it back from you.

In combination with your down payment, this means that you can get out from underneath the debt of the house with your head held high. No bankruptcies, no foreclosures, and you and I part as friends. We’ll even help you find a way to get your stuff back to wherever it is you came from! There’s no better incentive for people to make their mortgage payments than a guaranteed buyback program that goes away if they don’t take their payment responsibility seriously.

Our Revolution Loan helps to make our real estate ecosystem a serious candidate to disrupt the entire residential real estate industry. Our ecosystem guarantees us a first place position in the conversation of where to buy a home and how to buy it in whatever market that we choose to enter.

We realize that there will be copycats. We salute them. Our enemy is not other people who try to do something better than the way that the banks do all of us. There’s plenty of room in this space for all of us. We will carve out our niche market and we will continue to grow our ecosystem in a way that #EverybodyWins.

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