The Prime-Ex Perpetual Fractional Investment Program… Using Your Crypto to Buy Investment Home Shares… How Does It Work?

We have hit on a clear winner with our Fractional Investment Program. We’re so excited to launch this for you, and so excited for you to own your very own share of a brand new, titled rental house in La Chorrera, Central America’s fastest growing community.

What does fractional ownership look like?

It’s actually a very simple concept. You will own a proportional share corresponding to your investment of one corporation that owns one of our brand-new, titled rental investment homes.

We have 10 homes in our La Chorrera subdivision that we’re offering as fractionalized ownership. Here’s what the structure looks like:

— Each house is brand new.

— Each house is titled real estate.

— Each house sells for $100,000.00 USD-equivalent

— Each house is owned by its own individual Panamanian Corporation

— Each Panamanian Corporation has 100 shares

— Each share of the Panamanian Corporation sells for $1,000.00 USD-equivalent

— People can purchase between 1 and 20 shares in any one house.

What are the Features & Benefits of the Fractional Investment Program?

You’re going to love this! With the rollout of the Fractional Investment Program we announce the first-case use of PEXT within the real estate ecosystem. That’s right! You can use PEXT towards the purchase of your fractional investment share. As the PEXT market continues to grow so will the percentage of use of PEXT towards the purchase price! Here’s what you get:

— $1,000.00 USD-Equivalent per Share in BTC, ETH, and PEXT

— 7% Guaranteed Return Annually for Two Years

— Robust Referral Program

— You Own Your Share Proportionally to Your Investment

— Opportunity to Participate in Aggressive Capital Gains

— Choose to Sell Your Share at Any Time

What does purchasing fractionally look like?

There’s nothing hard about purchasing fractionally. We’ve designed the program to be hassle-free, completely straightforward, with no dirty tricks. Here’s what you need on hand to get started:

Be sure to have a minimum investment of $1,000.00 USD-equivalent in BTC, ETH, and PEXT at current market value. We will utilize published CoinMarketCap values for BTC and ETH, while we will use the market rates of PEXT trading on the Yobit/BTC trading pair to determine market value of PEXT.

Your PEXT investment can be no more than 5% of the purchase amount.

Have a digital camera, your government-issued photo identification, and a current utility bill that contains your physical residential address at the ready.

Email us at and express your interest in investing in the Fractional Purchase Program.

What are the next steps?

After we receive your request you will need to complete the registration requirements. We will provide you deposit addresses for your methods of payment, including market prices that we will honor for 60 minutes. We will also send you a registration code. Then you will complete the following few simple procedures:

Send the BTC, ETH, and/or PEXT to the corresponding addresses.

Copy the successful transaction codes for each transaction.

Take a clear, legible picture of your government issued photo identification.

Take a headshot of yourself from shoulders to the top of your head while holding in- screen your government photo identification. Make sure that it is as clear and legible as possible.

Take a picture of yourself holding your utility bill chest high. Make sure that it is as clear and legible as possible.

Respond to the email sent to you from with the following information:

Your registration code.

The picture of your government issued photo identification.

The picture of you holding your photo identification.

The picture of you holding your utility bill.

Now What?

You are now queued into your very own share of your very own Panamanian Corporation that owns your very own brand-new, titled Panamanian Investment Home! Some time will now pass as the remaining slots in your corporation are filled up.

You will also receive a redemption voucher. The voucher contains your registration code, verification that your registration is complete, confirmation of the number of your qualified share(s) in the Panamanian Corporation(s), and the Panamanian FINCA number(s) of the associated house(s) that will be owned by your Panamanian Corporation(s).

What Should I Expect?

It is important to manage expectations. You are investing in a fractional share of a real-world corporation that owns a real-world house. It will take a little time to fill the slots in each house so there will likely be a window of 60 to 90 days while we’re filling the slots. You should expect this.

You are purchasing a fraction of a house with some guarantees attached. We guarantee that your return on investment will be 7% a year for the first two years. This means that for so long as our company guarantees a payment of money to you that you should expect us to be managing the property on your behalf. Part of your purchase agreement secures our ability to both manage and market the property to that effect. The date that you should expect to be earning your 7% ROI is from the date that 100% of the fractional shares have been purchased and accounted for, and does not include the waiting time that you may experience as we’re filling up the fractional sale orders.

Our houses are real-world houses, are built in the real-world, with the money that prevails in the real-world, built by a for-profit company that operates in the real-world. Therefore you should expect that your crypto investment will be immediately converted to USD. The subdivision has been developed with U.S. Dollars, the homes have been built with U.S. Dollars, and the sales price is denominated in U.S. Dollars. This is done to preserve or profit percentages and not subject the houses to the price fluctuations of cryptocurrency on a day-to-day basis.

If after 90 days the slots in your fractional order have not been 100% sold you may request a refund. You should expect that refund to be completed within 15 days. You should expect that the quantity of crypto that will be returned to you will be different than the quantity of crypto that you paid in to us, since we immediately converted your crypto into U.S. Dollar. You should expect that refund that you are due will be paid back to you in cryptocurrency in the equivalent U.S. Dollar value of the day you are refunded.

Let’s Bring it In!
 So this is how purchasing your fractional investment will work. We are extremely excited about bringing this as an offering within Prime-Ex Perpetual. This gives us a first-case use of our PEX-Token, which we’re thrilled to be able to deliver as we continue to build out our ecosystem. We appreciate your support and your interest in everything we’re doing… the project… our PEXT… and our fractional investment opportunity. Let’s make some money together. #EverybodyWins!

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