Why Panama?

We get asked all the time why we’ve started Prime-Ex Perpetual in Panama. Well, first of all, we live and work here! We’ve been successful in Panama real estate for many years, we understand the market here, we see the potential of this great country, and we understand clearly how to operate within the proverbial navigational bouys. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Check out all the terrific things Panama has going for it…

1. Panama Offers Tax Incentives to Real Estate Investors

When it comes to your real estate investment dollar you need to consider many things, such as utility costs, management costs, and property taxes. Under most investment programs in Panama, the country gives you a 10 year tax exoneration, providing a terrific incentive for you to consider Panama as the first choice for you real estate investment. Combined with Panama’s reputation as a wealth preservation and asset protection haven, the reasons financially to domicile in Panama become quite advantageous.

2. Panama is a Tropical Paradise

Panama’s culture, civilization, and economy has been literally cut right out of the jungle, and is rich in both its vibrant, colorful history and its natural resources. You can walk ten minutes into the jungle and be surrounded by tropical wildlife including exotic birds and flora. Trust me, I know!

3. Panama is Safe

One of the main things that my family considered when we decided to make a move to Panama was its relative safety in comparison to major cities in my home country as well as the other countries in Central America. There is crime here, no country is completely devoid of crime, but I find our life in western Panama to be a very satisfying, exciting and safe way to live. Most of the crimes you hear about revolve around people drinking too much on the weekends. There are some cases of burglaries and assaults every year, but they almost equate to zero percent statistically.

4. Panama Offers Quality Discounts to Retirees

Panama offers a Jubilado Visa program to retirees who can prove they make a minimum guaranteed amount of retirement, pension, or annuity income. Great discounts across all sorts of things such as airfare, eating out, going to the movies, and receiving medial services await the qualifying Jubilado!

5. Panama is a Medical Vacation Destination

Panama enjoys a very good reputation when it comes to medical care, particularly in the dental field. Many North Americans plan medical vacations to Panama as the cost to receive services in Panama compares favorably to even the co-pay that North Americans have to pay. Medical care is cheap here, and it’s of great quality.

6. Panama is Experiencing Amazing Growth

You have to look no further than the IMF data report on Panama to understand how significant the real annual growth in Panama is. Everywhere you look, you see cranes, you see skyscrapers going up, you see shopping malls going up, you see roads being constructed. Just since I’ve lived here a four-lane highway has been built across the country east to west from Panama City all the way to the Costa Rican border, and four lane highways have been built from the Interamericana to Colon, from the Interamericana to Pedasi, from the Interamericana to Boquete, and from the Interamericana to Puerto Armuelles. There’s a new metro subway rail that will soon extend all the way from Tocumen International Airport to La Chorrera, a new Pacific highway is being planned, and a high-speed rail is being considered that will take people back and forth between Panama City and David! Things are definitely popping here in Panama!

7. Panama has the Fastest Growing Area in Central America

We hammer this point all the time, but it’s a point not to be missed. Panama is the fastest growing economy in Central America and possesses the fastest growing community in Central America. Prime-Ex Perpetual has over 380 houses to build in La Chorrera with 35 units under roof and ready for sale. As much as we’re planning to build here, we don’t even touch demand, representing just one-tenth of one percent of the homes in La Chorrera when we’re through.

8. Panama is a Melting Pot of Wildlife and People

Who needs the NFL? Our Jaguars and Panthers are real! Panama is teeming with exotic wildlife, from exotic birds to colorful belly crawlers, boasts one of the top 5 sportfishing destinations in the world, and is considered the gateway to Central and South America. As a result, Panama is a hodgepodge mix of incredibly diverse peoples from all over the world. No matter where you’re from, you’ll fit right in here!

9. Panama Exists Completely Outside of the Hurricane Zone

Everywhere else in the world: Hurricanes.

Panama: No hurricanes.

Any questions?

Panama is the only country completely out of the hurricane zones bordering two oceans. We’re the only country in the Caribbean to enjoy no hurricanes. This makes Panama an incredible economic investment opportunity that is only just now being discovered. Watch us grow!

10. Panama is the Happiest Country on Earth

It seems like Panama is voted the happiest place on earth by some international media outlet every other year, and Panama is almost always in the top 3. Click Here for Proof!

When you think about it, how could Panama not be the happiest place on earth? Let’s see… no snow… no sleet… no cold… year-round tropical climate… no hurricanes… no tornadoes…. no tsunamis… no military… crazy amazing growth rates… low crime rates… infrastructure improvements every day… great healthcare… growing middle class… as well as being the home of Prime-Ex Perpetual… it’s no wonder!