Why the Prime-Ex Perpetual Real Estate Ecosystem is a Better Way Forward

What is a Bank Supposed to Be?

Banks were supposed to be simple. Banks were to be a place where people could take their money, deposit it for safe storage, and the bank would put it to good use in loaning deposits to the community for building projects and other needs within the community. Sounds simple enough, right? Who could argue with that?

Banks were supposed to be a public service that served a necessary community function. Even today most bank charters still state that the business of the bank is to serve the needs of the community. If this were the reality then cryptocurrencies would have been created inside of the bank model instead of as a valid and even superior alternative. People know intuitively that something is wrong with the banking model, that banks aren’t their friend. However, what other alternative has there been until now?

Today’s Banking Reality

Since the creation of the fractional banking system the continually growing greed found within the system has only served to exacerbate the fundamental problem to be found within it. The dirty little secret is that money isn’t really money anymore. Instead, what we call money is created out of thin air for free, sold down the pyramid to us for interest that is to be repaid, and is then broken up fractionally and loaned out to us for an even greater amount of interest repayment later.

If money is no longer tangible and real, it is then more of a theoretical model that can be shifted and manipulated to the benefit if the ones doing the manipulating. Consider money lending and how it is controlled. The relative abundance or scarcity of money available to lend is completely arbitrary, a pure fabrication and manipulation of the whim of the Federal Reserve. They use the control of the flow of money into the system to manipulate market behavior in all sorts of ways, including the rate of inflation, the rate of interest that we pay on borrowed money, and how easy or hard it is for us to get approved for any type of financing. There are many other things that they weigh in on one side or the other with their money manipulation, but these will serve our purpose here.

It’s important to understand that money enters into the system via loan creation. When a $100,000.00 mortgage is taken out for example, $100,000.00 enters into the system that didn’t previously exist, if the $100,000.00 is borrowed cheaply from the Federal Reserve. This is exactly the reason why savings rates are so low in the western world. Money is nearly free, and people are encouraged to borrow instead of save through the market manipulation occurring via the free flow of money.

The money flows down from “on high”, i.e. the Federal Reserve, into the banking system and is meant to be loaned out on criteria that the banks are expected to follow as meted down from the Federal Reserve. The banks are required to meet certain percentage thresholds regarding capitalization of funds, loan loss reserves, etc. When banks fall out of compliance with these guidelines, bad things start to happen, such as their rate of borrowing from the Federal Reserve increases in comparison to their peers, which puts them at a competitive disadvantage. So, the more that the bank is out of compliance with the Federal Reserve, the harder and harder it is for them to become compliant again. The system is set up this way by design: don’t fall out of compliance to begin with.

The money needed to pay off the entire balance of the world’s debt with interest hasn’t even been printed, and it never will be. It’s not designed to be paid off. It’s designed to inflate continuously in an ever-increasing manner.

Some of those that find themselves on the top half of the totem pole are the money sellers. They’re the gatekeepers. They’re paid in a manner that keeps them comfortable and thriving while their personal greed is grown through incentives so that whenever they wake up to what’s going on, they stay on board and within the system. To cut loose would be to the detriment of their own families. Greed is fostered by the banking cartels in this way and then used as a means of control.

Then, there are those find themselves on the bottom half of the totem pole…

the labor force…

the less educated…

the non-academics…

the non-professionals…

the worker bees.

There are infinitely more people at the bottom of the totem pole than there are those at the top half of the totem pole. While banksters have been educated by the banking cartels to understand the game and to play the game, those on the bottom half of the totem pole haven’t been. These are the people that want to wake up in the morning, do an honest day’s work, and have that day’s labor be able to pay for their lifestyle.

What I experienced in the United States opened my eyes to the reality of what was really going on. Prices had long not been on the increase, and wages had long not kept up with increasing prices or inflation. I found myself working twice as hard as I was the last several years just to maintain the status quo. Wages weren’t increasing, but prices and cost of living were. Just as the banksters had made our money worthless, now our labor was becoming worthless against the cost of real goods going up and up and up because or money was worthless. Yet this is the system that our parents and grandparents embraced because there was no alternative, no better way forward.

Does this sound familiar to you? Do you feel trapped in a lifestyle that you did not choose and you cannot control? Are you tired of trading away your labor for somebody else’s increase? Do you long for a day when you’re no longer a slave to the system that you did not ask for, did not vote for, and do not support? Do you think you would be better off trading your labor for an asset that goes up in value instead of trading your labor for an asset that always goes down in value?

The Better Way

Prime-Ex Perpetual is creating a residential real estate ecosystem that is completely separate from bank participation. We have stripped away many of the qualification guidelines and all of the stress that banks use against us to manipulate market prices and the flow of money into the system. For example, if you’re borrowing money for 30 years, why do you have to verify your income over the last three years? You can’t guarantee that you’ll make the same income tomorrow, much less two years from now, or ten years from now, certainly not ten years from now.

The banks demand income verification although it doesn’t mean anything, and then manipulate this criteria via making it easier or harder to obtain capital by changing how long you have to prove your income, or how large or small your debt ratio percentage in relation to debt load has to be. When the system wants faster money flow into the system, they arbitrarily lower the lending guidelines. When they system wants to slow money flow, they arbitrarily make the guidelines harder. Banks play this same game with ever-shifting debt-to-income level requirements, ever-shifting loan to value percentages, and ever-shifting asset reserve requirements, all in the name of speeding up or slowing down the rate in which money flows into the system.

Consider for a moment what this means: Banks, at a literal flick of a switch, control every aspect about the economy. Take the housing market for example. Banks control how many houses are being built, how many houses are being sold, and therefore how many subcontractors are employed, how many supply warehouses are thriving… all by controlling how easy or how hard it is for you and me to borrow money to buy a house, and how easy or how hard it is for builders to borrow money to build houses and for developers to develop property. Banks make it hard on developers. Banks make it hard on builders. Banks make it hard on homeowners. We say let’s make it hard on the banks by cutting them out as our slave masters!

We do away with these things at Prime-Ex Perpetual. We control our own fate by determining for ourselves what the loan to value is. We determine for ourselves what our lending rate is, what down payment is acceptable, and by what method we choose to do business with somebody that might want to buy our house. We don’t have to run to the bank and beg them to approve a customer so that our company makes money.. You don’t have to run to the bank and beg them to approve you so that you can buy a house that you want to buy. You and I get to decide between ourselves whether or not we’re a good fit for each other, and that’s the way it should be.

How Does it Work?

Prime-Ex Perpetual builds, sells, and finances the houses it builds to the home buyers inside of our real estate ecosystem. We self-finance our mortgages to our home buyers. Our mortgages are denominated in U.S. Dollars. The U.S. Dollar is essentially the reserve currency of Panama, as the Balboa is permanently pegged to the USD. All prices in Panama are priced in U.S. Dollars, so this is the easiest and most straightforward way for us to price our product, and it has huge positive implications as you will soon see.

We incentivize our homeowners to pay their mortgage payments in our PEX-Token in the form of an interest rate discount on their mortgage. The PEX-Token is the cryptocurrency token of our ecosystem. There is a 30,000,000 lifetime supply of PEX-Tokens. We sold 14,000,000 during our ICO and will eventually sell the rest of them in support of the ecosystem as circumstances become favorable. Our PEX-Token ownership comes with the benefit of receiving an annual distribution of 80% of the profits generated in the real estate ecosystem in their proportional share. It will pay in the future to own PEXT today!

Each part of the ecosystem is intended to work symbiotically as PEX-Tokens are used inside of the ecosystem as the payment method for the home mortgages. Homeowners will enter the market to buy the PEX-Tokens that they need and want. When it’s time to pay their mortgage payment they will pay those tokens to us at their USD-equivalent value at the time of payment. We will then return the PEX-Tokens to the market.

As you can imagine, this creates a very nice organic demand for our PEX-Tokens inside of our ecosystem. Each $1,500.00 USD equivalent value of mortgages paid in PEXT will create $3,000.00 USD equivalent volume inside of the ecosystem internally, as the tokens are purchased from and then resold to the market.

We foresee a time when the ecosystem is worth many more times over the underlying collateral itself Internal demand for our tokens inside of the ecosystem will continue to increase as more and more houses are sold and financed. With just 3,000 houses sold and financed into the ecosystem at $1,500.00 a month, this alone will generate a $9,000,000.00 USD equivalent monthly demand for PEXT inside of the ecosystem, not withstanding the external demand driven by market forces. External demand for PEX-Token is generated by speculation in day to day market value as well as the expectation to earn 80% profit distributions from the profits generated in the real estate ecosystem.

While we will always welcome external demand, the increasing internal demand that the project experiences as the number of houses sold and financed into the market ensures that as the ecosystem grows over time so should the relative value of PEX-Tokens. This has interesting positive outcomes for early adopters and holders of PEX-Tokens who are also homeowners inside of the ecosystem. Imagine buying PEX-Tokens today for under 50 cents USD, and spending them on a USD-based mortgage at some future hypothetical value of $50 USD per PEX-Token. Homeowners inside of the Prime-Ex Perpetual ecosystem who are also early adopters of PEX-Tokens would in this scenario come out very well when looking at the true cost of their home, and subtracting from this amount the real estate profits distributed back out to them via their PEXT holdings.


Our philosophy at Prime-Ex Perpetual is #EverybodyWins. We believe that the future will prove the validity of the concept thus making the potential for everyone involved in the project now and the future a reality. Homeowners can buy a home without the need for bank approvals or involvement in any way. PEX-Token holders can hope to experience an appreciating asset in relation to the market instead of a forever depreciating fiat currency that doesn’t keep pace with even the rate of inflation. PEX-Token holders will receive their proportional share of 80% of real estate profits generated through the real estate ecosystem.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Prime-Ex Perpetual. You are not our enemy. We are not yours. We share a common enemy who stands against us all. Partner alongside us… let’s build a better real estate future together where #EverybodyWins!