Day 60: Go Native

So I asked him shyly. On WhatsApp. Because asking it in front of him is too — awkward?

“Do you prefer a desert or a mini jungle?”

He confidently replied- Mini jungle.

Meh, I thought he would prefer soft skin.

I thought he can never understand such innuendo. But he did. Of course he did. We have 60 more days to go and hit it. Trust me, its NEVER easy to control the urge.

It’s fucking weird. Why would men choose jungle over clean, route?

I was told “It makes you look like a woman, you’re a feminist, you should know..” Fuck feminism. I dont really want to deal with feminism when it comes to the choice to ‘bush’.

He said, its too boring.

For a man like him saying the choice is too boring, heck I don't know what is his ‘degree’.

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