The Economics of Blockchain Protocols

  • a cryptocurrency having means of payment and a store of value fuction,
  • a cryptocurrency with a utility value
  • a cryptocurrency backed by yield or assets.

Cryptocurrencies as a means of payment

A store of value as a powerful use case

Cryptocurrencies with a utility value


Use case of cryptocurrencies with a utility value

Value drivers of blockchain protocols

MVp = MVc * Vc

  • MVp = protocol value,
  • MVc= value of cryptocurrency, designed on the protocol,
  • Vc = velocity or frequency of cryptocurrency exchange.

MVn = (Σ MVp )^m

  • MVn = native protocol value
  • MVp= subprotocol value
  • m > 1.

(Non-)ownership of the protocol

“Helicopter money” and inflation effects






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Primoz Kordez

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