Yes, you can leave the North America bubble
David Kadavy

I really liked your post. I think that many people could relate to your words because it is what it feels like leaving the country you’ve born and somehow start from square one. It could easily be: “Yes, you can leave (insert here whatever you want) bubble”.

About U.S. citizens been called “Americans”, I have been think about it a lot, because here in Venezuela and many other countries is this latitudes, it sounds like “wrong” and some people even find it offensive. The Spanish language has is codified by the “RAE” Real Academia de la Lengua Española and they recommend not to call “Americans” to U.S. citizens but to anyone who lives in America as a continent, like Venezuelans, Colombians, Mexicans, Canadians. They recommend using “estadunidense” in Spanish, and this is how we do it here. The problem comes when you have to name those citizens in English. Please excuse my grammar errors.

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