To the homeless man in the wheelchair,
Caitie Gonzalez

To the children

I see you early in the morning, every day. Maybe we won’t ever meet each other, but I would like to say you that “it will be ok”. That waking up early and going to school is the right thing to do, and that someday, you will just remember a few flashbacks of your life now. Maybe, even remember the guy walking the white poodle.

I see you facing the world at such a young age and I can’t help but feel overwhelmed, frightened and even sad. But also I have hope in you, because you hold an invaluable treasure, your innocence and childhood.

I have a daughter…

A poet once said: “When you have a child, you have so many children that the street fills with them, and the square, and the bridge, and the market and the church… and when a child cries, we do not know if ours is the cry or the child”.

Take care… always.

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