What I discover by practicing

I’ve been wanting to develop a mobile app and Andela in partnership with Google and Udacity came into my life and I was feeling fly after the basic aspect of it. Learning from Lyla Fujiwara and Co. But after a little while, I almost forgot everything just because no real-life project to work on. Now Andela came again with plurasight in assisting us to become a world-class developer, I was enjoying it but at the same time losing concentration. So, I decided to talk to a friend who is good at it so I can have someone to mentor me. That’s was when I noticed that was what I’ve been lacking all this while. Someone that will check my code review and tell me what I’m doing wrong. I told him what I want. A weekly challenge and he gave me a less complicated login page which I did and I learned a lot. Then at the completion of that login page, I can say it anywhere that “No matter how much you learn if you don’t practice, you are on a long thing”. I’m going to keep up with this and I will come back to tell you guys how the journey was.