How to hold yourself accountable and match her worth…..

Let’s challenge the MALES ego for a minute. Women have suffered enough at the silence of men who claimed to love them, but there’s an emotional disconnect.

The emotional labor of breeding boys into men without a deposit only circulates pain. We need to learn how to return and give that love back.

I’ve realized that women are tired of loving men into thin air. We need not to be an emotional investment with no return. You have to think about it this way even plants show gratitude by giving back roots.

Never neglect hands that feed you. Tears that birthed you. Patience that taught you and scars that wrote you.

Don’t bring crumbs to the table and expect a meal. Every relationship has a cost make sure there’s a balance. I am now learning this and beginning to open up just a Little day by day.

I struggled with balance. But now it’s me who has to be honest at where I’m at. Transparency is one of the best gifts you can give a woman. For one she can’t never trip and say you were never honest with her and after being transparent it is now her choice to see if she wants to stay or not.

Men do not and I repeat Do Not Take things that grow you for granted. Learn yourself. Go back and apologize, and do better…..

But my ladies being with a man especially when being married it’s happy wife and happy husband happy life. That happy wife happy life is pure BS. Us men (well most men not all) are quiet about their happiness. Most men will stay quiet and suffer in silence. You have to satisfy him just as much as he has to satisfy you. There always has to be an exchange between the two parties…… We (Men) are a work in progress just as you (Woman) are….. Food For Thought.

I Love You Queens!

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