What Poetic Justice Taught me…

This movie came out in the year that I was born in which was in 93. Yeah yeah yeah I know what your thinking

“He’s a younging”

Yeah I know. So it took me a while to actually get to watch this movie and understand it. The first time I watched this was I believe in the year 2000. That’s when I fell in love with Janet. So that intrigued me more to watch the movie more times than I can count on my fingers.

So I gathered a list of things that I either learned from this movie or noticed.

FYI: through out this story I will stop just to show appreciation for Janet randomly. For her music, beauty and her black Skin.

(Justice) aka Janet. Ms. Jackson if your Nasty.

So you already know I had to start with Justice (Who is played by the one and only Janet Ms.Jackson if your nasty) well for one because she’s one of the main characters in the movie.

First things first we can not and I mean we can not start this list without saying that Janet looked damn good in this film. Now moving on.

A Trend

Ever since Justice came out with those box braids she’s created a trend for today’s women. Every summer and when I say every summer I mean every summer women get that same hairstyle. They even imitate it when Halloween comes around.

Justice was a real one and she was a Trendsetter.

A Real One

I’ll say this about Justice she was a real one. I won’t use the word “Ride or Die” cause we only saw a snippet of when she was with Markell (Who is played by The legend Q-Tip) She was with him through out his up’s and downs. With him through his time when he went to prison and wrote him letters, poetry, etc just to keep his spirits high. With him when he was and continued to gang bang with his homies. I say that to say that I’ve realized that a lot of the women of today won’t even stay with a dude who’s down on his luck. Who either lost his job, death in the family where it’s taking him some time to get back to being him, etc. they are so quick to leave and go on to the next man who’s doing well. It just led me to think like damn women like Justice are a dying breed. But back to Q-tip’s character from the looks of it he starting to get back on the right track until his life was taken. Which leads me to my next point.

Keeping your Guard up

The scene where Justice asked Markell to get her some:

“Bon Bons And Ju Ju Beads.”

Then he noticed some dudes that he was beefing with (in other words gentlemen that he had a quarrel with) right then and there I would’ve told my girl (Justice) that we have to go because our safety is in danger. This scene just taught me that no matter how gentrified an old neighborhood can get most of the same people will live there with the same attitude and state of mind. Which is to rob, kill, etc to get to a bag (in other words to get money any way they can get it)

So what I took from that is that you can’t let no one catch you slipping. It’s the sad truth but this is our reality.

Two Quick Side Notes before I continue:

1. The man that killed Q-Tips Character.

That man there. Is the same dude that killed Ricky (Who was played by Morris chestnut in the movie Boyz in the Hood) if you don’t remember then let this jog your memory:

It was just something that I just noticed while watching the film. He has killed some of the greats.

2. The scene when Markell came back to the car with the candy and Justice was in the back seat getting ready to turn in to Ms. Jackson cause she wanted to get nasty.

I just have one question for the man that killed Markell.

Why the fuck couldn’t you wait 10 more mins? Because I wanted to see more of Ms. Jackson. That part had me biting my fist like:

She was getting me hot and bothered and what not.


While watching the movie I had a thought in my mind like does Justice have some back luck through out this whole movie. Cause the first traumatic shit she encountered was her mother taking her own life and now the second one was her man that she’s been waiting for to come out of prison and now that he has he was killed right in front of her.

Like that’s some Traumatic shit man. But then again I had to take a step back and think about the time this was in and the location she was in. Which was in the 90’s and in Crenshaw located in California around the time the Crack Epidemic ( Reagan Era ) just hit so everything is fresh and people were trying to find ways to cope and push through this epidemic that has now became a part of our history.

So that itself was traumatic. So then I began to understand why she would go to work in the morning and then go straight home and then just write in her poetry book and not go out. She was depressed and tired of all the dying and killing around her so it’s like she became numb than ever.

That part made me learn that you really have to be thankful for all that you have. No I’m not saying that things we go through aren’t bad but it’s like 10 plus years ago they had it way worse than we do right now. So yeah some of us may have some rough patches but things can be way worse than how they are now.

I say that to say that we as people in today’s time don’t really take a step back and really be thankful for all that we have now. We are all just so quick to complain about the smallest thing that doesn’t go in our favor.


The homie Lucky (Who was played by the Legend himself Tupac) this was actually my favorite character. Yes he was disrespectful, he often reacted before he could think, he wasn’t a role model father. But what I liked about him was that he tried and he continued to try until he got it right. He knew that certain things that he was doing and saying was wrong but he was willing to change it for him and his daughters sake.

Quick sidenote:

I just want to show some love to the beautiful and Black Justice aka Janet. Love your music.

But moving on…..

Emotional Intelligence

Lucky made me realize that we as men lack so much emotional Intelligence until a women comes along.

Then when we actually do get someone that cares about us (well in his case it was Justice) more then they do themselves. The shit is so deep That it makes us think that no one before her ever loved us.

There’s a lot of things about ourselves that we’ve never had to find before and tap into so we can not only help her but help ourselves as well.

In this case Lucky helped Justice love again. He helped her get out of the dark place that her poetry could not. Now vise versa Justice helped Lucky feel loved instead of just feeling pain and hurt.


Lucky was another one that has been through some traumatic events. Not only from the condition of his neighborhood which was also in L.A. But it went from his cousin who was more like a brother to him dying and holding him while he took his last breath.

Then to top it off the mother of his child was a crack head and a hooker. But then again as I write this I think about how that part was on him. Lucky also taught me that you really can’t be out here nutting in everything because you’ll end up with a drug using hooker baby mother (I don’t really like using that word but you get what I’m saying) As the saying goes:

“Don’t be silly Wrap your Willy.”

Even though it was his fault it still has been a traumatic experience for him and his daughter.

Father Figure

Alright so let’s put it out there no Lucky wasn’t the best Father Figure. But I’ll give him this he was there and he was trying. He was young and still trying to figure things out. This is the reason why I liked him because he could have simply just told the mother that it wasn’t his and walked away but no he stood up and took care of his responsibility.

This is another stereotype/myth is that most black fathers are absent from their homes — or that most black children grow up without their fathers. Both of these claims are false.

Still, the myth shows up in tweets, Facebook posts carrying misleading statistics, often from people blaming fatherlessness for numerous problems facing the black community.

  • Most black fathers live with their children. There are about 2.5 million who live with their children, and 1.7 million who don’t, according to the CDC.
  • Black dads who live with their children are actually the most involved fathers of all, on average, a CDC study found.

All in all Lucky was there for his daughter and he was trying and as the movie was getting to the end he was getting his shit together.


I learned one thing from Chicago (Who was played by Joe Torry)

  • Ego

His Ego was beyond enormous. There is nothing wrong in us feeling good about ourselves. Having a high self image and self worth is more beneficial than a low self image. But having a huge ego and talking down on people and feeling like you are superior than everyone else around you is a problem. He was a dick through out the whole movie. He taught me that you can’t let your ego get the best of you because in the end the people that you treat like shit now you may need them in the long run. Don’t let your ego get to your head where you begin to cut tides with the people you really love because you can’t put your pride to the side.

Quick Sidenote:

You already know I had to stop for a minute and show Janet some love. But moving on……

Crossing the Line

The scene where Chicago and Iesha (who played by The legend Regina King) had sex in the back of the mail truck but in the words of Missy he was a

“Minute Man.”

And Iesha wasn’t having it so she told him about hisself. So I get it and I understand that you can put someone in their place but sometimes people tend to cross the line.

What I learned from this scene was basically to know the kind of people that you’re dealing with. Chicago really didn’t know Iesha as well as he thought. He thought cause he gotta good job and some muscle and a tight fade (haircut) that he was good. He didn’t know that Iesha was out there have sex with another man, he didn’t know she wasn’t trustworthy, he didn’t know Iesha was just using him.

Yeah I know your like sometimes you don’t know and your definitely right about that but sometimes you just have to feel it someone’s vibe and if something feels off then act on it and leave it alone. No matter how beautiful they may look, how good the dick or pussy was, etc. You moving on and leaving that alone is better than you losing your sanity over a crazy cheating, lying and using individual.

So when Chicago hit her I understood why he did it. No I am not saying what he did was justified or right but I can understand why he reacted the way he did.

Bad Advice

So Jessie (Who was played by The legend Tyra Ferrell) was an older women who would give Justice or any young lady advice. But it was all bad advice. She was telling them how they had to use their looks to use men for all that they got.

Jessie was Bitter because a past lover that hurt her and now she was on a mission a mission to get men and get real deep in their pockets and take everything.

Jessie taught me that all advice is not good advice. It doesn’t matter how much more older you are than me or the other people that you are talking to. Especially if it isn’t coming from the heart. The advice you are giving out can be toxic because your steering someone into the wrong direction. Don’t ruin someone else’s life because of what someone else did to you.


Janet even looks good as she Fades to Black….

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